Lithuanian women would leave their country for overseas: true or false?

Sometimes young girls from Europe without life experience and without strong experience in relations think that life in the United States is like they see in the movies, where you have nothing to do, but you will have everything for good life and therefore they are trying to move there to fulfill their dreams. And, of course, Lithuanian girls are not an exception. Some of them are more overwhelmed and know that to live in the U.S. you have to work hard, and to live there and not work hard they are trying to convert their beauty to marriage with some rich American. But if you are American guy who reads this and already dreams about pretty Lithuanian girlfriend I will disappoint you a little. The reason of disappointment for you is in the fact that comparatively small percentage of Lithuanian girls out of all population dreams to move to the U.S. and Lithuanian population is only about 1.5 million people. Some Lithuanian girls decide they would like to stay in the United States for permanent living only after they visited the country and liked it there. There are Lithuanian girls who after visiting the U.S. decide they would never stay there forever but they look at the possibility to work there and earn some pretty descent sum of money to buy real estate way back at home which is pretty expensive in Lithuania especially if you get Lithuanian salary. There are some Lithuanian women who got married to American man who has some business in the U.S. but they live in Lithuania because it is much cheaper and money husband earns in the USA are more than enough to live in Lithuania pretty awesome life.

As you see, it is not only hard, but barely impossible to give the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question whether Lithuanian women would like to leave their home country for the USA. It is rather individual decision for every Lithuanian girl, than collective trend where every single girl is dreaming for one way ticket to the other side of Atlantic.

And if we are talking about Lithuanian girls who are willing to move abroad than why only USA? There are many other places in Europe where Lithuanian women and men have found the second home. Those are European countries where salaries are even higher or are not less than in the USA; among these countries are the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany. It is much closer to Lithuania and if the girl needs to come back home quickly or wants to visit her family – one hour cheap flight and she is at home. In case with far away America it is much longer, way more expensive and in case of some problems or need to come back home it is much more complicated.

If you are American guy who would like to find girlfriend in Lithuania or what is more possible is looking for Lithuanian wife and is trying to find out whether it is good chance to find wife in Lithuania using your American passport I must say you won’t go far with such behavior and assumptions. If you think you can easily convert American citizenship into possibility of finding descent Lithuanian wife you are deeply mistaken. If you would openly demonstrate your American citizenship in Lithuania most predictable you will find a problems of different kind but not Lithuanian wife. By such attitude you will be like a magnet for scammers, gold diggers and other persons with bad reputation.

It is much better to get acquainted with some girl or at first find friends in Lithuania and then among them maybe you will have a chance to find girlfriend (the girl with whom you will feel mutual contact). In this case your American citizenship would be a good bonus, but not the prominent reason of why girl has chosen you. Good reason to find friends among youth in Lithuania is to take part at exchange program as volunteer although it is more suitable for youth and if you are aged guy with fat budget you may try to check the power of your wallet although we don’t recommend choosing this way to build strong relations with Lithuanian woman.

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Aivaras Kukaikus

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