Lithuanian women values traits and what makes them popular

Traits of Lithuanian women are memorable, fascinating and would not leave any man indifferent. Once you see Lithuanian girl you want to be close to this beauty, to possess it somehow, to be the one who could take inspiration from this source of beauty every single day. What makes Lithuanian women so memorable? Why after one meeting with Lithuanian girl most of foreign men remember this sweet feeling and under any effort are trying to repeat it? What popular traits of Lithuanian women make them popular in the world and differs them from other cultures of the region?


  1. Appearance. Long legs, slim figures, long hair until waist and blue eyes – and any man would be interested, confused and lost the ground from under feet for a moment. These Baltic beauties know how to attract and tease men.


  1. Style. Lithuanian women are dressed up very stylish. Actually, this style with bright accessories probably works as the compensation for the lack of sun light and everyday brightness, but probably the main brightness of Lithuania who shine all the day and night long is its women. Dresses are successfully combined with proper make up which only emphasizes natural beautiful features of Lithuanian women.


  1. Smile. Smile is gorgeous. It is very memorable. But what is more important – it is sincere, you know, such a type of smile is almost impossible to find among people on West where most of smiles are disgustingly artificial.


  1. Femininity. Lithuanian women are not that influenced by feminism and emancipation, still not many women in Lithuania would choose career for the family; most of them still are dreaming about lovely husband, strong shoulder of their man, nice cozy house full of children. According to the way of upbringing in the family many Lithuanian girls see their place in the family nest. But this does not mean they want to be housewives doing the house work day and night long. They just like to be the part of happy family, dividing house duties, rising up children together and in such a way finding harmony with surrounding world. But hurry up, because new generation of Lithuanian girls is more interested in global trends and under its influence femininity is easily changed into feminism.


  1. Strong character. It seems sometimes that many Lithuanian women are self-sufficient and man is not really needed by them or is useless addition; especially if you see these divorced Lithuanian women at about 40 who are so gorgeous walking with children in the park that they cause more sympathy than 20 years old girls. If Lithuanian woman has aim she will achieve it no doubts and this is also about their strong character. Some men with strong character would find it hard to coexist with such strong character Lithuanian females as you have a risk of ‘sharing territory’ all the time.


  1. Intelligence. Lithuanian women are overwhelmed; they have good erudition and general knowledge about the world as well as might have academic knowledge in many narrow spheres of life. You will be surprised to know she has graduated University in Mathematical Science after you try her tasty cookies she baked specially for you this Saturday morning.


  1. Fun. You never get bored with Lithuanian woman. Although she likes when a man rules the situation, she is also happy to propose many new things to do, many ideas to fulfill in life, many places to visit and so on. It is interesting to discuss with Lithuanian girl different things and topics, including cultural differences and issues, traditions, history, politics, global world changes – just any topic you pick.


  1. Attitude to life. It is strongly based on what is wrong and what is right and Lithuanian woman is balancing but much closer to what is right. She has many goals and points to reach, but she is not in hurry to do it immediately. She prefers calm and cozy style of life closer to natural flow, but with necessary achievement of what was planned in advance.

These are only 8 traits of Lithuanian women and, of course, there are much more. It is never enough time to explore woman completely. The more time you spend with Lithuanian woman the more features you find and she never stops surprising you. It is like a puzzle you solve with pleasure and interest all the time. If we add to this that every woman is individual person who has her own features of character and traits we would be even more confused and till the end of reading this we realize we still know anything about Lithuanian women 🙂 just the same as when we started reading this text.

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Aivaras Kukaikus

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