Lithuanian girlfriend – unrestrained desire for American man

Lithuanian girlfriend can change your life for better. In such better way has changed life of many Americans and especially Europeans. The one who had unhappy days sitting at home suddenly found out that traveling to Lithuania and finding over there beautiful girlfriend can make grey everyday routine sun shining day; a day like holiday. So, if you still choose to live in your artificial paradise, don’t wait for too long and start looking for your Lithuanian girlfriend right now. Sorry, I forgot that if you are here on this website it means you are already in search and we are going to help you.

Many Americans dream of sexy Lithuanian girlfriend because the can convert their money into everyday sexual pleasure with young and pretty girlfriend. Old American man could not dream for such attitude from his younger compatriots, because he is simply old and he would not be interesting to young unless he is very rich. In search of love, passion and simply pleasant atmosphere old American men fly to Lithuanian in hope to find there everything they dream of. Lithuanian girls, of course, do not dream of having such old boyfriend and that is the point where the dream come harsh reality. Man realizes the truth is different. Most of Lithuanian young girls do not dream to become girlfriend of old guy even if he is rich and even if he is American, Canadian, Australian or German – it does not matter.

So, what rules the passion and the need of guys to have Lithuanian girlfriend? Is it only passion and desire? No. Definitely not. One more thing that attracts men for girls from Lithuania is their natural beauty. Lithuanian girls are pretty and which man does not dream of having pretty girlfriend? Or, let’s rephrase – what man wants to have very smart, kind but ugly girlfriend? There are almost no such man or they are liars or that girl just became not pretty after long time they were dating and during that time she still used to be pretty. Ok, we found out that one of the major reasons why men of the entire world would like dating Lithuanian is because they are extremely pretty. Read also: Pros of dating Lithuanian girl

Beside such obvious and well seen characteristics Lithuanian woman also has hidden features that attract men not worse than beauty and sexual energy. Lithuanian girls have some specific type of natural overwhelming feeling and ability to understand boyfriend or husband. Every Lithuanian girl has some specific care of her boy and many men who were dating specifically to Lithuanians admit that fact. Maybe that is some kind of parental instinct or something like that but it really works and it really has place to be.

If man thinks of a girl like if she is mother of his future kids he is serious about her and they could have something in common. If man is dating to a girl he tries to prologue these relations and so they naturally could be transformed into something more than friendship. If man is dating the girl he would like to marry her some day and that is normal. Some men dating girls to have stability in sexual life, but we do not talk about this type today. So, if dating could be such a rehearsal for future common life after marriage, why not to choose gentle and caring Lithuanian girl for a girlfriend today? That is what many foreign men think of and make decisions based on this.

As we see, main reason why Lithuanian girls are popular as girlfriends among foreigners is that they are pretty, sexy, passionate, intelligent and caring what could make them to be perfect wives and mothers in the future. It is obvious that girls of Lithuania would not be desired if foreigners who come to Lithuanian had no chance with them. If Americans and Germans are coming to this Baltic country it means women of this country are eager to date these men as well. Lithuanian girlfriends date foreigners for perspectives to have better life in foreign country, to possess money of boyfriend and to get expensive presents. Some Lithuanian girls could be offended reading this, but I am not saying all girls in Lithuania are like that, are gold diggers and wallet hunters, of course, no, but there is such part of them in the society. No matter, these are only basic reasons that attract foreigners to Lithuania, Lithuanian girlfriend is probably the main attraction of this Baltic state; “attraction” that makes many men be hopefully in love with Lithuania. Read also: Blur tips for the first date with Lithuanian girl

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Aivaras Kukaikus

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