Lithuanian dating services: help or disappointment?

Among all the websites offering Lithuanian dating services there could be almost no such websites that really offer dating. They are always masked and offer different other services, but not actual dating. Even if it is dating, this is kind of looks like a date, but it is not a date, or artificial date. The aim of such services is to make money, but not to give the best offer.

Most of the foreigners who are looking for real dates in Lithuania often become victims of different scams which the Internet is full of. How to find real Lithuanian dating service on the Internet? Best of all it should be based in Lithuania, so the domain name should be Lithuanian and the hosting most often would be Lithuanian or European. But this also does not guarantee you will not get into scam. If the website is asking for money or to buy some services, be aware, because you may have communication with the girl online, but this would be a model with fluent English and this is a time spending, but would never lead to serious dating experience with Lithuanian girl and future prospective. Read also: Features of Lithuanian man

If your goal is dating real Lithuanian girl, you should rather not use dating services, but try to find the real girl in Lithuania. Real women are much better that remote communication. If you meet sudden Lithuanian girl and go for a date with her you will see what Lithuanian girls really are. I recommend dating a few girls from this country in order not to make personal stereotypes, because all the women are different. Unless you meet the only one you like from the first time.

Dating is exciting process that is pleasant for both – man and woman and dating Lithuanian girl is even more pleasant, because you have a chance to date with pretty astonishing, intelligent and interesting girl with great since of humor. So why you would like to use suspicious dating services instead of real dating? Buy a ticket and visit this nice and cozy European country with lots of pretties. You will have great tourist experience anyways, even if you not dare to ask local girl for a date. Stop wasting your time for sitting by the monitor and start acting in real search of Lithuanian girl to date. Ideal is when this girl does not know she wants to date you. How is that? All must be sudden and unexpected, where you have to ask a girl for a date when she does not really expect this, but you have to be tolerant and sure she does not have a boyfriend. When such a newcomer comes into life of Lithuanian girl it makes her life more interesting and she gets excited about the future; only in such a way real dating relations that could lead to serious relationship are possible, but not suspicious online dating services. Read also: Are Lithuanian women good enough to become a wife of American?

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Aivaras Kukaikus

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