Lack of men in Russia causes expansion of Russian women on West

Russian women are very important export of the country after oil, gas and Kalashnikov. Why are Russian women so popular among foreign men? Are they so nice in fact? There is popular thought that Russian women are married only to foreign losers, with whom their compatriots would never marry. Often on the forums you can see questions like:

  • What should I do? I hate my French husband.

Many different Russian women who live in different countries have the same common feelings. Let’s start with the fact that many Russian women dream to marry a foreigner, but why? Are Russian men so bad?

Of course, no, but there is lack of man in Russia. There are 10 million more women than the men and so female population in Russia, and I think on the whole post-Soviet space is similar. You know, 10 million women dream of finding their soul mate. Particularly this imbalance is even larger in the cities. Well, then it is logical that there is a struggle for men, and men, to be honest, often abuse it.

Almost all men in Russia openly demand sexy wife. As if themselves they are model look men! To put it bluntly, Russia is a country with a woman’s face and many men’s faces are not sexually attractive. Russian men often have round face, small eyes, ducky noses. But instead, they demand Marilyn Monroe in bed otherwise they announce boycott and women tend to correspond to these demands.

Grooming and elegance of Russian women is what often attracts overseas suitors. In the west, due to the low infant and youth mortality, the number of male dominates the female population. Previously, at the times of the Iron Curtain, in search of the wives foreigners were traveling far away to Indonesia, the Philippines and even to Africa. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, they have carried away the head of Russian women.

I have just two weeks ago met a man in a train, he heard that I speak Russian and stuck to me:

– How nice it is when you talk in Russian… I have lived in Russia for many years and I like Russia. I asked whether he likes Russian women. He just closed his eyes and said dreamily:

– Oh, Russian women are very beautiful!

What many women consider a kitsch: so called “war paint”, tight shirts with bare navel, heels; in short all the attributes of bad taste, the men actually just like it when a woman is dressed like that.

The men in West are just crazy about such women, especially recently, when there is too much of sexual advertising, they are also like the Russian men, as if they were a dog who broke down of the chain!

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