Japanese woman and foreign man: relationship possible?

A lot of men find Japanese girls attractive. Not only are they pretty, but also feminine, modest and very well educated – all at the same time… The question is, are such elegant creatures willing to date foreigners? And would it be easy to find yourself a girlfriend in Japan? Let’s find out.

Is it true that Japanese women are keen on foreign men?

Here are the results of the social survey on this topic:

  • 7 out of 10 women would like to date someone from another country;
  • 2 of them never thought of this idea but are likely to try it if the possibility occurs;
  • 1 out of 10 respondents is into Japanese guys only.

So to answer the question, yes. Most of the Japanese girls actually do like foreigners.

What makes Japanese girls like guys from overseas

Their exotic difference, of course. Blue-colored eyes, blond and red natural hair – things like this are not common in Japanese people’s appearance. Other than physical characteristics, the way that foreign guys express their affection is highly appreciated. Europeans and Americans are believed to be much more romantic than Japanese men. They are more likely to say “I love you”, do small gestures like holding the door for the girl or kissing her on the forehead before they leave her for long time or even if just go to work. These things are what makes foreigners different from the Japanese who are shy, awkward at expressing their feelings and in addition infamous for their workaholic nature.

How to start dating Japanese woman

There is no particular way to approach them. Japanese girls enjoy being fought for, as well as adore descent attention from men in general. But being too persistent is not good either; if she didn’t like you at first, she might just not be into your kind of guys. Keep that in mind.

The only problem that can appear when you want to start a simple conversation is a language barrier. Most of the Japanese people in general speak only their native language because they don’t need another one. Few of them barely even know English. So you whether need to look for a girl who took English classes or take Japanese classes yourself (or better – both).

To conclude, you always have a chance to make a Japanese girl or woman fall in love with you. Don’t be too persistent, show your affection and just be your own self – by doing so you’ll definitely make her remember you and, if luck is on your side, maybe even get a girlfriend.

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