Is it worth to marry Thai woman?

Wedding in Thailand is impossible without such a tradition as bride ransom. This is an old Thai tradition. So, if you decide to marry Thai girl, then you should know in advance everything that you can be encountered. The ransom of the bride in the Southeast Asian version is called “syn-sot”. Marriage with Thai woman without redemption is impossible. Most likely, even the lady herself will consider herself insulted if you are not going to pay the ransom. How much baht syn-sot costs you will learn only after you talk with the bride’s relatives. Just do not try to reduce everything to a joke and to appear behind the object of your adoration without money. The bride’s parents will not let you in until they count each bat. The bride is taken out of the house only if the amount paid is equal to the amount agreed. Do not take it personally just because you are the foreigner – in Thailand everyone pays the ransom for his future wife.

How much can you pay for a Thai wife? Less than 10,000 baht for the bride will not be asked since everything below this price is the cost of Thai girls who offer intimate services. The upper limit does not exist. Quite often millions of baht are payed for the bride. Least of all you will be asked for modest girl from the village as 10,000 baht for a Thai peasant is a decent amount. Urban girls whom you meet at the bar “cost” at least 100 thousand baht even if she has experience in providing intimate services. But if the girl is educated, comes from a good family and has never been involved in prostitution, then at least without a million in your pocket you better not appear on the threshold of her parents.

However, there are exceptions and will you pay ransom or not depend on the family. There are cases when you marry Thai girl when parents do not ask even for a penny and do not ask for help and sometimes they help newlyweds, including financial help. They say, the main thing is that foreigner was a good husband to their daughter. Well, in principle, yes, most families require a ransom, this is a tradition. But as a rule in normal families, money you give to the parents will return for the formation of the new family – you and their daughter.

Do not be naive in relation to marriage with Thai woman. Check it solidly so that her love for you was sincere. The fact is that cases of divorce on Thai part have recently become more frequent; i.e. at first she swears you in true love for ever and after a while after the wedding she decides to leave you after divorce you get nothing. If you have a common housing and a car she could take both so be aware. Read also: Wedding in Thailand

If a foreigner marries a Thai woman, he gets a residence permit and the right to work and his spouse loses Thai citizenship. She will be able to regain her citizenship only if her marriage to an alien lasts more than 12 years. If you are thinking of possible ways to get Thai citizenship except for marriage with Thai woman, check next:

One of the true ways to acquire a residence permit is to start a business in Thailand or buy a ready-made company. But such a business requires large financial investments, which will amount to no less than $ 100,000. Employees of foreign enterprises can also acquire residence permits if they open a representative company in Thailand.

Any state strives to attract foreign investment. This is especially beneficial for the developing economy of Thailand. If you are willing to invest in more than $ 200,000 in a Thai project, you can be sure that you will get a residence permit.

To obtain a residence permit in Thailand, you may need different documents, the name of which depends on the purposes of your stay in Thailand. Official documents are: a special form with your data; Photocopy of the passport; 3 photos in the format of 3.5 x 4.5 cm; the document that determines the purpose of your visit to Thailand (referral to an educational institution, marriage certificate, contract for work in a firm, a constituent act on the registration of a firm); a document confirming that you have the minimum amount necessary to stay within Thailand; a document showing that you have a place of temporary residence in your country; a document indicating the lack of criminal record within Thailand (applies to persons over 15 years of age). All documentation must be translated into Thai language and notarized. If permanent residence is not enough and you think of how to obtain the citizenship of Thailand read more:

To start you need to issue a long-term visa to Thailand living there more than 3 years. Then follows the acquisition of a residence permit in Thailand. It is received in the police department responsible for work with foreigners. The period of validity of the residence permit is only 12 months. Further, the applicant must stay in Thailand for at least 10 years without leaving the state. Then a person is able to obtain the citizenship of Thailand if acts due to requirements for obtaining Thai citizenship: has been in Thailand for 5 years; is over 21 years old; knows Thai; retained all receipts for payment for the period of registration of documents for citizenship – about 10 thousand baht; was not under trial.

The way to get Thai citizenship by marriage is to enter into a legal union with a person who already has the citizenship of Thailand. Women in this case immediately get citizenship and men who have married themselves by marriage with Thai woman can only get a residence permit and the right to work. After 12 years of married life a man still becomes the owner of the coveted status of a citizen of Thailand. Read also: Be aware not to get scammed in Thailand

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