Is it true or not: Latvian women are eager to leave their country for America by finding American husband

This question does not give enough freedom to give answers, because the connotation of this question itself is way too limited and narrow in meaning. We cannot just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, because it depends in every case, but we can try to find out the truth under one circumstance – no artificial limitation of mind and possible options. World is wide and has many possible variants, so let us think out of the box as well.

So, let us already back to the question – is it true that many Latvian women are looking for Americans for husbands and in such a way try to move to rich United States and stay there for permanent living. Well, there are Latvian women who behave in such a way and their aim is American man, usually much older. BUT! These are only some Latvian women and we can NOT tell that MOST of Latvian women are eager to move abroad, especially in such a way.

Latvia has relatively low average income in comparison with other countries of European Union, especially Western ones and it is natural that with absence of borders labor migration to Western countries from Latvia is normal thing. There are some Latvian women who choose not to work, but to find a husband from prosperous Western countries and in such a way to resolve financial problems and so have better perspectives for future life for herself and for children as well. But such Latvian gold diggers are in minority and still most of descent Latvian girls who are getting married with foreigners have been abroad for labor migration and somehow got acquainted with foreign guys, started relations and later it caused to marriage. And these are relations not only with guys from rich European countries like Ireland, France or Norway, you may find relations of Latvian girls with guys from Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia. It means love and sympathy know no barriers and to interest Latvian girl you have to be the man, to be real man, to be interesting person to her.

If to talk about the fact that Latvian women choose Americans for Husbands because of financial interest, well… it is only partially true… because that small minority of Latvian women who are looking for foreigners on purpose to marry them choose rather European countries with high income and level of life like Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland – because it is closer to get there, they are either in EU or close to EU and the United States are pretty far.

Summarizing all said above, I would give an advice to men who are looking for Latvian women for marriage never give up. It does not matter whether these are American men or men from other country. If you are looking for interest of Latvian women in foreigners, it means you would probably like to try relations with Latvian woman. But you will never ever find direct prescription, recipe or plan how to act. General information is useful, but every Latvian girl is a personality with unique character and if you want to conquer her you have to act according to the situation. The best is not to dream too much reading information, but to buy a ticket and visit Latvia. Such a challenge and brainstorm right in the place will fresh you up and give new ideas, hints and possibilities how to act to make your dream closer. Who knows, maybe this step would make you happy husband in the future?

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