Is it true many Hungarian girls prefer to marry foreigner

The thought that most of Hungarian women would like to marry foreigner is partially truth and partially not. There are many personal reasons considering this issue and some girl from Hungary would choose to marry foreigner but the other girl would like only to have future serious relation only with Hungarian man according to the strong family traditions; as the proverb says many men many minds. We cannot say there is massive wave of Hungarian women who leave Hungary for abroad by marriage with representative of western economy, but still there are many majorly young Hungarian girls who choose abroad instead of homeland.

We know Hungary is EU country which citizens can work in any country of European Union and travel to almost every country in the world; young Hungarians use this option to find work abroad, to study abroad or to see the world. Most of young generation of Hungary among which there are much more girls choose to stay abroad for permanent living; Hungarians mostly choose developed western countries to live in. This fact has influence on Hungarians as rarely they get married abroad with representative of their own culture; very often those marriages are mixed and there are more and more of such mixed families. Partially by this fact we can say Hungarian girls do marry foreigners by being abroad and having no alternative, but here we are talking about conscious choice what is more important. Read also: Marriage with Hungarian woman pros and cons

Yes, it is true many Hungarian women get married with representatives of foreign countries due to their mercantile and materialistic way of thoughts. It is understandable that every mother wishes the best for its child and many women are married to rich partner because this could help child no to be brought up in poverty; but Hungarian women in majority choose rich husband to serve their own needs using his money and this is a little bit different than taking care of offspring. Hungarian girls like to get acquainted to foreigners and if she is ready to get married, because she is sick of “party period” of life and “having fun period” she would eagerly marry some John from New Castle.

What influence on the country may have tendency that Hungarian women marry foreigners and move abroad for permanent living? Of course, it has rather negative effect on the society and the country in general. If we take into consideration that Hungary is quite small country with rather small population, losing the best gene pool will bring to shorten of the nation representatives’ quantity. Hungary is going to lose its traditions and culture, because on the place of those who escaped abroad would come representatives of other nations, women of other cultures whom Hungarian men would marry because Hungarian women choose to marry abroad; this will lead to mixture of cultural traditions and in general this process on the planet is called globalization. Do you know something about Attitude of Hungarian man to foreign woman

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