Is it true Latvian women eager to conduct marriage with foreigners?

According to the research made Latvian University, one third of Latvians who went abroad are not going ever to come back to their home country. According to official statistics of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia today about 370,000 ex-Latvians are living outside their homeland. Why Latvians are leaving? Most respondents could not name one or isolate the main reason for the departure. 70% of respondents have named economic reasons. First of all, Latvians are attracted by higher salary and greater probability of finding a job abroad. Judging from the statistics, there are many Latvian women who went abroad for permanent living and it is logical that they are going to assimilate within society of foreign country and marriage with foreigner is one of possible ways of assimilation. Latvian women work and study abroad, they are getting acquainted with locals have many things to share and it is normal many Latvian girls have relations with German, American or U.K. men. This is the way globalization influences Latvia as well as other countries and this is only one way of influence.

Latvian women eagerly marry foreigners because they live in foreign countries and it is natural they find there relations with men of different nationalities. If to think about the reasons why Latvian girls choose marriage abroad the main reason would be higher social security abroad. Every third Latvian who left the country during the crisis names it. Many Latvian women leave the country and use marriage with foreigner as the way out for non-economic reasons like dissatisfaction with the political situation, the quality of life and dim prospects for the future of the state. More than half of Latvian immigrants believe that overseas life is of much better quality. But we cannot say Latvian women are mercantile and move abroad only for better life and money; there is the reason every third Latvian called and this is desire to develop yourself, to develop professional skills and desire to see something new, to open the world for yourself; maybe this reason is not as common, but very important reason as well. Who is leaving for such a reason? First of all, those Latvians who need some prospects. This is often capable people with high self-esteem, who feel that the Latvian horizons are smallish for them.

What problems for Latvia may cause the fact that many young Latvian girls are leaving abroad and after marriage with foreigner would never come back to Latvia again? People with the highest demographic potential are the main group which is willing to leave. The second group is women with children of pre-school and school age.

According to a survey provided in 2012 among residents of Riga who are planning to leave there are much more of those who are planning to have a baby in the next three years; this means that in the future Latvia would catastrophically need people who would build the country and make it prosperous and those could be Latvian immigrants who is eager to come back or immigrants from another countries who are ready to substitute Latvians who has left country forever.

The reasons why Latvian women marry foreign men and move abroad are clear and understandable; when living abroad young mothers from Latvia are waiting for more social support. Many parents agree on any difficulty to adapt abroad, as long as their children’s life was easier and happier than their own. Much more women from Latvia were leaving than men; so, their present and future children, for the most part, automatically found themselves abroad.

Summarizing, we could say Latvian women are leaving their homeland for abroad for personal, economical and political reasons; the main aim is to rise up children in more socially secured society to provide them better future; as one of the ways to move abroad is marriage of Latvian woman with foreigner (the citizen of The United Kingdom, The USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Norway etc); among with this reason there are many others like boring life in Latvia, willing to open new horizons, self-development and many others.

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