Is it possible to marry Malaysian woman?

Is it common to marry foreigner in Malaysia? Are international marriages popular in Malaysia? Those questions often interest Americans and European people who turned their sights to Malaysia. It is not common for Malaysian women to marry foreigners and there is vivid reason for this – most of the Malaysia population are Muslims and it would be almost impossible for you not only to marry Muslim Malayan woman if you are not Muslim, but even to get acquainted with average Malayan girl. You can not have a usual date which is typical for you, and you can’t even have any date with Muslim woman as here the rules of the game are very different. The only possible way for you to get Malaysian bride is to find her among also huge Hindustani or Chinese ethnic groups in Malaysia. Here comes itself the answer to the second question – international marriages are not common in Malaysia.

Of course, there are cases when Europeans and Americans marry Muslim Malaysian women. There is popular story of guy from Netherlands who has married local Malayan girl, but before he had to convert himself to Islam. So, namely he became Muslim for the sake of love. He is very pleased in family life, says he has united family, three children and he never regretted that he decided to change his religion. Read also: My husband is Malaysian!

Although, local minorities in Malaysia prefer to communicate with each other. It is understandable, as when you are far away from home you have a kind of homesick and would like to communicate with your compatriots when facing this kind of nostalgia. During these kinds of meeting many new relations are creating and people start communicating, dating and create new families.

More common is when Malay man is married to German, American, Russian or Polish woman. This happens when Malays are going to study in Europe and come back home with European wife. Such families are still not common, but there are more this families than those where Malayan woman is married to a foreigner. According to the Qur’an, a Muslim in no way can change religion. And, if it’s easier for girls to adjust and adopt a new religion, then men are less likely to do so. Read also: Malaysian family, marriage & traditions

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