Is it possible for Estonian woman become a wife of American citizen?

Among all the countries around the world you will find a lot of women who would be eager to marry American man even without actually seeing how this man looks like. Such weird looking at first attitude is possible due to the possibility of getting American citizenship or as some say – American visa. This is actually not visa, but a permanent resident card which allows in the nearest future to become the citizen of the most developed and strong country in the world – the United States of America.

American men are overwhelmed about the fact that they are already popular by their citizenship only and the rest of the things or advantages they have, even money, does not really matter. Such understanding made Americans attitude to women from other countries picky and many do not like it, actually. But American men do not care and enjoy their life.

What about Estonian women and American men in terms of our topic? In fact, Estonian woman could be young, interesting, smart, intelligent, pretty, elegantly dressed and come from a good family and American man could have messy hair, dirty clothes with holes, have no idea where Estonian is or where Europe is, but it is him, who would choose! It seems unfair, but it is exactly how it often happens in real life and here you can see that those are Estonian women whose dream is to marry American man and American men it their turn to not miss their chance and choose the best female representatives of Estonia for marriage. To shortly answer the question in the topic of this article I would say woman from Estonia is worthy candidate for becoming bride and future wife of American man. Read also: Features of typical Estonian man

In short, the one who pays orders the music, no matter how rude it might sound to some people concerning this context, but a lot of Americans visit Estonian in search of pretty and accessible women. It does not mean they are looking for easy going women, American men just use their advantage and in some way fulfill the dreams of some Estonian women. If there is a demand, there is a proposal. Imagine some Estonian girl who is tired of living in Estonia. She is pretty, young and educated, but she feels that she needs something more. And here she meets American man who is eager to be gallant, well mannered to conquer her. He is older, but he looks like secured man and she feels good in his company. She already imagines being his wife, to live in the U.S. and what heights she could reach with his help. When he makes a proposal she is already ready to say yes, because she associates herself with his wife for a long time.

I would like to warn you from making stereotypes and generalization of Estonian women. All what is written in this article is only one of all possible options of how Estonian woman could behave when she is under attention of American man, but such attitude is untypical for vast majority of Estonian women. They are not massively trying to marry Americans, but there are those who are eager to become the bride of American and this is normal.

Estonian woman who wishes to become wife of American man has great chances according to all pros she has and all advantages she could give her possible American husband. Pros of Estonian woman are beauty, intelligence, orientation on the family rather than career, care for children and ability to concentrate family members for creation of happy family. Estonian girl is great candidate for wife in general and it does not matter what nationality the groom is. However, Estonian woman could be different and some Americans might not like the difference in cultures and the way how Estonians see the life around. Anyways, marriage is serious step and usually people get to know each other better before to get married and you will have time to check how Estonian woman is before making her a proposal. Read also: Successful story of American whose wife is Estonian woman

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