Is it popular to get married to girl from Czech Republic?

It is considered that girls of this Central European country are good to visit when you want to have some fun, but what about if you have some serious intentions and would like to marry Czech girl? What are pros and cons of such marriage we will try to find out today. If to think logically, no one would like to have such wife who has too liberated views, as there is high risk of betrayal and what even more, it is written in many articles and on many forums that for many Czech girls it is normal to be with other men during marriage, and many have relations with other men even though they are married. That fact is quite deterrent when you are going to marry woman from Czech Republic; but we can’t judge about the entire nation in terms of one stereotype. Of course, there are descent women with whom you would like to have serious relationships and marriage.

Why women of Czech Republic are bad candidates to get married with?

First of all, they are very independent and would like to marry you in case you are going to have a baby, otherwise they prefer to live in so called civil marriage, as it demands no additional efforts and useless to their mind formalities. The second reason why men do not marry Czech girls is that even due to the fact they are Slavs, they do not take too much care to their appearance, as for example Eastern Slavs from Ukraine or Belarus; they do not use make up, often wear ugly clothes, behave themselves as they don’t care about appearance at all; such an image of Slavic woman is not very presentable and men from abroad prefer to choose girls from other countries to the East from Czech Republic; girls who wear high hills, nice clothes and use proper make up to emphasize their natural beauty. In addition, there is stereotype, based on facts that Czech women like to have many partners in life and for religious person and for any other man it sounds not pleasant at all when he is thinking about marriage with woman of such type. Czech women are pretty, but not that much as Eastern Slavs and they lose competition in this field. Czech women are known to be sharp-set on money, they are too annoying when they get to know guy is from Spain, the U.K. or, for example, France; this fact does not give them bonuses when they are trying to get acquainted with foreigner in such a way, because that foreigner would think twice before even theoretically consider her as candidate for marriage.

Why women of Czech Republic are good candidates to get married with?

Czech women still are Slavs and kept pretty features of this type of women and comparing to their Western neighbors from Germany or Austria they often look much prettier. Before real marriage with woman from Czech Republic you will have maybe short dating period, but long or very long civil marriage period, unless you are against such type of marriage (but in this case you are rather close to say good bye to your relations with Czech girlfriend); civil marriage is good chance to check your compatibility, are you good not only in dating, evening walks and in bed, but are you ready to share one bathroom, are you ready to wash dishes and clothes, are you ready to live together at all; if you are, then your family would be strong, passed through fire and ice and you are ready to have kids; that is type of thinking Czech girls have and there is logic in it and life truth, I would say. Well, in any case, it is much better than just get married and then get divorced in two weeks, as it happens between young couples or, what even worse, if young couple gets divorced and they already have common child who would grow up in inadequate family.

Is it hard at all to find girl for Marriage in Czech Republic?

Well, it depends what country fiancée is from. If you are from the U.S. or the U.K., Germany, Spain or some other country of rich Western world, you have much more chances because of money, and most often in CZ it is going about money only, and, yes, it is true. Women like rich men, especially when we are talking about Czech women. In many cases Czech woman would marry you without long dating and having long civil marriage period, but you have to think over do you really need that marriage yourself. If yes, then it is your choice and no one would disturb you. Not all Czech women would go for money, there are cases of real feeling and real love, but they are rather rare and happen very seldom nowadays. I wonder if you were from poor India, for example, and try to make a proposal for girl from Czech, what she would say and what would be her reaction?

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