Is Chile a paradise for finding great brides there?

In Russia there is a good aphorism, which sounds like – the better place is everywhere where you are not. People all over the world more or less, often or rare, successfully or unsuccessfully, but trying to find their own paradise, thinking that this human oasis is situated far from their home. And here I have meant personal relationships before all.

Women from the South America are really popular among men from various parts of the world. When one of my colleagues started to tell his love story with Ecuadorian girl, all the rest men in our office became very much envy. Of course: dark tender skin, wonderful hairs, beautiful almost musical voice and passionate character – these dignities of women from Latin America are really exciting.

But I want to share with you with emotions relatively to Chilean women. Is Chile a paradise for finding great brides there? Yes or no?

First of all I will say to you one important thing – this is uneasy and rather problematically, and not only because of the distance between your future Chilean angel of love and you. The difficulties are mostly lying deeply inner, inside of difference of mentalities.

Chilean girls are very sexy, beautiful, some of them even rather intelligent. Among flaws of these girls I would mention extra weight. Not all women have it, but during last years that phenomenon increased rapidly.

So let’s return to discussion about Chilean brides, and try to find the right answer – are they truly good or not. Chilean girls love their native land, adore their family and parents, so – if you will decide to take her wonderful arm in yours, answer: are you ready to take this girl with all her views, habits, style of life and so on. You have to be ready, that if after your procedure of marriage your own family decides to stay in Chile for living, then you will be visited by all the relatives of your wife in your house very often. Also, you have to be ready, – your Chilean wife can cook something not very fantastically. Chilean women do not like to spend a lot of time for cooking. You have to be ready to live in slower mode of life. Chilean people never hurry.

But you may be absolutely sure – Chilean woman will love you very much and you will understand with her what is it – hot woman.

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