Interesting places to spend a second date with Lithuanian girl in Lithuania

If your first date with Lithuanian girl was spent well and the girl has got really interested in you and agreed for the second date it means now you have a chance to build the fundament of strong long lasting relations. The second date is not as tensed as the first date, because now you know basic things about each other. You know that girls do not like boring men and your best chance to interest the girl is to be inventive and you both have to enjoy spending time together as well as having fun.

The second date with Lithuanian girl should be interesting and for this aim you can use non trivial approach. You could visit places where you both would have fun and where she will appreciate you initiative. One of such places, for example, could be visiting the wrong room attraction. This is a quest where you take part as a hero, a member, where the whole main task is to open the last door in limited time amount. This is a place where you both can spend amusement time and you both can show your intellectual abilities. Usually such quests have lots of scary rooms and your Lithuanian girl could be a little scared and will usually be close to you; it is often a good idea to hug her and, by the way, this is a good chance. After such quests people usually become intuitively closer to each other and the girl would treat you kind of like her defender, the man who can protect her. It does not count it is all faked quest circumstances; you should remember that emotions are real, even if they were called by artificial atmosphere. The main thing is that you were not scared and scream like a little child when you suddenly see artificial monster  🙂

If you prefer more traditional way of spending the second date with Lithuanian girlfriend, there are many interesting places to visit.

One of such places on the Lithuanian sea shore is the city of Palanga. It is king of spa town where you will find a lot of attractions based on the sea subjects, where the main one could be amber museum. The museum itself is placed on the territory of Tishkevich palace which is a nice place to visit as well.

If you both like the castle themes, you could visit a castle in the city of Trakai. By the way, showing interest in Lithuanian culture and history you will show your Lithuanian girl that you have serious intentions about her, because of your respect to her country and automatically your respect to her ancestors, her family and her, as the representative of this society and so cultural heritage. The most important not to make a date turn into historical lection where you will be such a nerd who will be focused on history and places, forgetting about the girl. Such an attitude would mean Lithuanian girl is bored and this is very close to the end of your relations which has not even began. REMEMBER: no matter where you will go on your second date or on the first date, the main subject of attention should be the girl!

One more great option to spend the second date with Lithuanian girl could be visiting the seaside. Lithuania is the country with lots of sand beaches, picturesque landscapes and mild climate – isn’t it a good option to spend a time with girlfriend? If you are choosing the seaside in Lithuania, visit The Curonian Spit – such a popular place and by proposing visiting this place you will show you are quite initiative even though you are in foreign country, but you are well informed about Lithuania. This will bring you more personal bonuses.

You may combine visiting Lithuanian historical places of interest and finishing the second date in a cozy cafe somewhere near Baltic Sea. The main idea is to be interesting, initiative, optimistic.

And yeah, good luck on the second date with Lithuanian girl!

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