Interesting facts about Korean women

Korean girls is one of the main reasons why you must visit Seoul. They are considered to be the prettiest among Asian girls, like Japanese or Chinese, for example, and, must say – this is real truth, Korean girls are real beauties. On the streets of Seoul you can meet some girls in national clothing or mixed – national and European and it is pretty funny combination of such outfits with sneakers, but it is not very common here. If you are lucky to meet many Korean girls in national costumes and walk among these exotic characters you feel like if you were in a fairy tale. Koreans are not at all inclined to disfigure their feet with stiletto heels because they do care about their health.

Korean girls readily take pictures, often smile and are very friendly. If you crept up to the girls with your camera to take a nice natural picture most common that at the last moment they noticed you they will smile. Some even specifically stop to give the photographer a sight. Walking Seoul streets in the evening sometimes you feel yourself as if you were in a theater and the artists are everywhere. But this is not a theater, but a real Korean life, which is simply fabulous.

The Republic of Korea or South Korea is a very secure country. A girl can not be afraid to walk alone in the remote from downtown area at night. 90% of Koreans are short-sighted and are forced to wear glasses or contact lenses. The glasses have been worn since childhood, which involuntarily creates the impression that they are born with poor eyesight. If you are thinking about finding Korean girl on the Internet you might be interested in the following information. Absolutely all Koreans use Internet Explorer. They do not even suspect about other browsers, and moreover, most do not even know what a browser is. Korean sites respectively are made only under the Explorer and in any other browser not Korean site will not work correctly. Many Koreans to open Google, first open Naver – this is the Korean search engine, type into the search word “google” in Korean and then click on the link to open Google.

Koreans love coffee very much, and coffee shops are found at every step. After lunch or dinner a cup of coffee is just mandatory. So, it is good idea to have a cup of coffee to get acquainted with Korean girl better and then to have a date with Korean girl where you could have a coffee as well 🙂 If you would like to drink not coffee, keep in mind that in many Korean bars you can not only drink beer, you must definitely order snacks for beer. The Koreans themselves can not just drink beer; they definitely need something to chew on. Read also: How real Korean beauties look like

Don’t know where to find Korean girl for a date? Free Internet can always be found  in any institutions, cafes and even in buses in Korea, so, use this opportunity to find a perfect Korean match.

Networks of coffee houses, a network of cinemas, supermarket chains, restaurant chains, a network of bars, a chain of department stores – those all are places where you can spend a date with Korean girlfriend.

Education has almost the most important role in the life of any Korean. So, almost all Korean girls are well educated. Koreans learn from early morning until late at night, regardless of the day of the week and use the holidays for additional courses or self-study.

If Korean woman is working than she is very serious about her job. There is no such thing as a vacation in Korea. There are several days, usually in early August, when many workers take time off to rest or travel abroad.

Korean women brush their teeth after each meal and coffee, often have a toothbrush with them in the bag and in some establishments you can even find free brushes right in the toilet.

Korean women with excess weight are very rare to see. Almost never you will see obese people. So, Korean women have nice slim figures. Korean girls willingly show their legs, but never show the neck.

Most of Korean women have a small breast and a flat butt, but very slender legs. Therefore, plastic surgery is thriving. Korean girl can inflate her breasts literally for one lunch break. After graduating from school and enrolling in an institute, most girls in Korea as a gift fix their eyelids, noses or something else.

Korean women carefully take care of the skin and hair and use an unthinkable amount of cosmetics and other related stuff. Korean girl would not go out into the street without makeup. Many recognize that Korean women are more beautiful than Japanese women, Chinese women and other Asians. Let even their beauty in something artificial.

Young people do not have to bring girls to their homes, so there are a lot of love motels in Korea. Lots of! Motels are in peaceful neighboring with the churches, by the way.

Koreans drink probably even more Russians. Quickly get drunk, but never rob. Even a drunk Korean does not pose a particular danger. Every Korean knows a hundred or two of very noisy drinking games aimed at making everyone get drunk as soon as possible. Koreans are very generous and responsive people. They will definitely want to pay your dinner and will never refuse to help.

It’s hard to believe, but according to one source, 25% of Korean girls have experience in the intimate sphere of services: prostitutes, escort services and girls “for communication” in bars and karaoke. Most married men cheat on their wives, which is normal.

Most married Korean women do not work at all, raising children. All elderly Korean women look the same: the same short hairstyles, the same clothes, the same headgear.

Koreans prefer to sit on the floor than sit on a chair or sofa – keep that in mind when asking Korean girlfriend to visit your place.

At the first meeting Koreans first find out your age. This is important for the further style of communication. If the interlocutor is at least a year older, he should be treated in a polite manner and with respect.

Koreans often exhibit tactlessness, asking personal questions, like “do you have a boyfriend?” Or “why are you not married?” Although, this is rather cultural differences than tactlessness, I guess.

Young Koreans often like to turn romantic relations into another drama, peeped on TV.

It is rare to see a girl with a cigarette on the street in Korea. Smoking girls in general are few and they smoke only in bars and clubs, although in Korea, you can smoke almost everywhere. Signs that prohibit smoking are often simply ignored. You can also openly drink alcohol on the streets. Koreans often arrange improvised picnics with alcohol and barbecue in the most unexpected places.

Korean girls often laugh without a reason in response to any phrase and the most unlucky joke. Especially they are happy when a foreigner speaks Korean – so learn some Korean if you want to impress your Korean girlfriend.

In Korea there is a park, filled with sculptures of male penises. How about to have a walk in there for romantic date LOL? It depends on the girl and on your attitude to her and many other factors. Read also: Korean husbands are good option for foreign brides

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