In Ukraine You Have The Highest Possibility To Find Beautiful Wife

Yes, it is definitely Ukraine where you have one of the highest possibilities to find beautiful wife. Although standards of beauty are different for every man, Ukrainian women are known as one of the most pretty on the Planet. When we say “Beauty” we mean appearance in most cases, so called esthetic beauty, but pretty Ukrainian women also have other type of beauty – inner beauty. This is what makes them popular as wives – every man dreams of pretty, but at the same time wise, intelligent and feminine wife.

Why Ukraine? Because the highest percentage of Slavic women with their genuine beauty is concentrated here. No one could tell exactly why such huge concentration of pretty women is exactly Ukrainian peculiarity, but there are thoughts that while West of the Europe was drawn in inquisition, Ukrainian beauties were living happily ever after. Well, not very happily, because, for example, Turks and Tatars perfectly knew why they were attacking ancient Ukrainian lands – they were coming mostly because of pretty Ukrainian girls and took them to slavery. There is also idea that Ukrainian women are so pretty according to the fact that many different nations inhabited the Ukrainian territory and unique mixture of genetic code has made such pretty women to be born.

Beautiful Ukrainian woman could become your wife also do to the fact that economical situation in Ukraine is really crappy and most experts assume that it would get only worse within the time. If such a tendency would be kept, and most fact tell this, more and more Ukrainians would like to move abroad. Most of young Ukrainians, including guys and gilrs, do not see future in their country. Low salaries do not let a person survive, even if you work for 12 hours a day, add here corruption and imposibility to buy even a car (in Ukraine the same car costs 3-4 times more than in European Union, and salaries are 4-15 times lower than in EU). Youth refuses to live in Ukraine because you will never keep money for an appartment, unless you go work abroad or work in Ukrainian IT. That is why I assume young Ukrainian girls in the light of perspective for future family life would choose foreigners for husbands more often. Of course, this is only assumption, but it has many chances to become truth unfortunately for Ukraine and fortunately for foreign guys who have a dream to marry pretty Ukrainian woman.

Of course, this all does not mean that Ukrainian women would desperately escape from Ukraine and use foreigners for husbands to achieve this aim. Many would adjust to such reality and would stay in Ukraine, many would still choose future husband according to his personal qualities, but there would be rather huge stratum of the population which would like to follow material goods as the main worth.

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