In foreign marriage Belarusian women lose children and become cooks

You come back home and the children will stay with me. Don’t even think to leave the house! Take care of my parents!” – These phrases are often heard by Belarusian women from their foreign husbands.

According to the Belarus Ministry of Justice over the past year 5181 international marriages were registered. This means that one out of fifteen Belarusian woman selects foreign fiance. If we consider that Belarusians often get married abroad with such elected representatives of foreign to Belarus countries, the number of outflow from the country’s best brides is more than significant.

Interesting what these marriages usually end with? The experts of “La Strada” hot line, where in case of danger call offended abroad Belarusian wives, told a lot of stories. Most of the calls to “hotline” concern about treatment of people on the documents required for employment abroad or questions like “how to get married safely?” But there are enough calls related to trafficking victims and sudden divorce.

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How often do Belarusian women divorce with foreigners?

If the number of registered in Belarus marriages and divorces is approximately equal, then abroad Belarusian women divorce less. It is true that by marrying a foreigner, Belarusian women are more vulnerable and are often afraid to ask for divorce. Even if they suffer from violence, they are afraid, for example, that they will be immediately deported from another country and never be allowed to come back. The dynamics can be so.

According to this, none of Belarusian women are safe from the fact that a foreign paradise could become a painful hell one day. A chance to have a good marriage is high, but the probability of a complete failure really exists. Here’s a slippery arithmetic.

The biggest problems are with fiancés from East

What are the most common problems usually arise between Belarusian women and their foreign husbands? And it turns out, there are enough cases of domestic violence, when woman had to literally run away from her husband. Common are situations where children are taken from the Belarusian mothers.

Most common are problems with husbands from eastern countries. There are a lot of eastern students studying in Belarusian universities. Sometimes they marry Belarusian girls. While such married couple is living in Belarus, everything is fine. Then comes the time, and former students and now married couple along with children go to the husband’s home country. And here the problems begin. According to the laws of eastern countries, common children are often recognized as the property of the father and to take them back to Belarus is impossible. Often, these pairs create a normal happy family and live well. But it happens  when the woman begins to be perceived as domestic worker, cook and she has no development. Such a life is boring, Belarus woman would like to take children home to Belarus at least for the summer vacation and the husband says, “No, you can not do it.” The eastern region is known by the problems of Belarus wives there because of such problems with children.

The second category of cases is associated with women who often go to France (again, problems with children) and Germany. Here is a recent example. German man met Belarusian woman on the internet. In the course of correspondence he wrote that has a big house, good living conditions and asked her to move to Germany and get married. She comes to Germany and sees the house. First floor belongs to the husband and the other three belong to his elderly parents, whom she turns out to be looked after. Husband did not send wife to language courses on contrary to the promises and all the time she keept the house and communicated with husband by gestures. This woman tried to leave such a husband, but the scandal turned out and German man started beating her. She managed to call the police, but husband hid her documents, did not give her money and refused to release her. The police appealed to the public organization and the woman went home to Belarus.

Stories of broken hearts

Sad stories about Belarusian beauty who suffered from foreign gentlemen would not fit in a thick book. For example, terrible story of Belarusian woman Catherine Brokel, who married a Dutchman. After one of the family scandals Belarusian wife just disappeared. Six months later, her remains, filled with building foam were  found in the closet of the nursery. Her husband took flight in the United States to hide there. And how the story ends? Rich husband, the owner of several brothels hired an expensive lawyer. His guilt could not be proved.

One more story of Belarusian girl, who ran into depraved Italian. The girl’s name is Ilona, she is tall, blond, well-groomed doll, a student. Knows foreign languages, has good manners and is very intelligent. If to tell without exaggeration, Italian man Marcello found Ilona on the Internet Ilona. He arrived to Minsk there was common sympathy and relations and he asked her to move to Italy.

After arriving to Milan Ilona encountered the problems. Two weeks they have not lived together as he brought home two girls and went with them to have fun, saying Ilona’s job is to cook and clean. Ilona just ran away from Milan and it is good she managed to come back to Belarus. Though, she says not all Italian men are like Marcello. Ilona’s story finished safely. It is scary when foreign husband robs children of his wife.

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One more story, when Belarusian model met with a US citizen. He led the advertising business. One day her husband decided to move to their historical homeland in Lebanon. There Belarusian wife quarreled with her mother in law. The husband said, “You go to America, do your business, and our daughter will stay with me.”

The woman had serious connections in the United States and Belarus, she retained the services of qualified lawyers. But until now, the situation did not budge. She could not bring children back to USA. Or another similar story. After discord with his wife Lebanese husband arrived in Belarus and simply stole three children, including a little girl, who had serious health problems. The mother could not return the children.

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