Important must know to foreigner tips before dating Estonian woman

You were waiting for this for so long and now this time has come. It is time for the first date with Estonian girl. How to behave to interest her? To make her interested in you the best is to make her sexually attracted in you. It is not that hard as you might think. But very often the first date with Estonian girl flows not the way it should be and then you are surprised why she does not answers your calls for so long time. Why it happens such a way? She was laughing and listened to your jokes during the date, she was open pretty much and even told you some stories of her life and you have already assumed that is it! But then you see that she does not answer your calls, ignores your messages and you can’t get it why she changed her attitude so quickly. Maybe it would be something new for you, but the girl takes all decisions about you during the first few minutes of the date. She decides also whether she would like to sleep with you or not. Yes, such decision is made by her during just few minutes! It is so in most cases. Just when she started seeing you she starts to evaluate different aspects of your behavior: how you look at her, how you come closer, how you start your conversation, how confident you are, are you active or you wait for her to show initiative and stuff like that. If she meets typical “sweet guy” he automatically becomes not interesting to her. But she can not just leave the date immediately because she has manners and she decides to prolong the date. You do your best and she talks with you, keeps the conversation and you start to think that everything is ok, but actually the decision has been already chosen and it is not good decision for you.

How can you attract Estonian girl on the first date? To rise your chances up you have to learn some technique. It is better not to smile too much, because she might got used to that fact that men smile when they see her. In smile men show her their admiration and interest, that is so typical and makes her not interested in you. Easy smile with little ignorance and even little arrogance is good enough to confuse the girl – as this is something new and so make her interested.

When you just met the girl, hug her, kiss her chick, take her hand and walk with her. It does not matter where you go, the main is to show her that she follows you. If she followed you at the very beginning the main thing you have done and now it is very important not to spoil the rest of the date.

In Estonia girls like to be late for the date. You can play on this. If she is late you don’t wait for her. Go for a little walk, grab some coffee and have some relax. This would show her that you are not ready to waste your time for her irresponsibility. You may observe the place of your appointment and slowly come when she is confused with your absence. Such arrogance would tease her and this is good for you.

Your main purpose is not to be like everyone else. But you should NOT be good boy and sweet romantic type as everyone else, but you should behave in non typical way. Taking her hand and walking somewhere is a good start for non-typical “warrior” behavior on the first date with Estonian girl. Next step is how to start a conversation. She is expecting for some typical questions like how is she or what she has done today, but you ask her something weird like: “Have you ever eaten bugs?”. This would confuse her for sure. Now you would be the one who shocked her and point you out of the crowd.

What is the main on the first date with Estonian girl? Your behavior should demonstrate your individuality and saying it more simply – what person you are. You have to act naturally and show the girl your desires. If at some moment you decided to make some action, you have to do it instead of thinking for long whether to do it or not. Decided to go jumping – take her with you and go. Seen flowers – present it to the girl. Style of how you act should reflect your inner world demonstrating how person you are.

The main reason why guys can’t seduce Estonian girl on the first date is that they can’t show their true intention. Or some guys are so non-confident in showing their intention that this makes girl vomit.

Why is it important to show your intention? Until you don’t show intention, you won’t get anything from the girl. She might think that you don’t want her and look at her as at the friend. That’s why if she does not see you clear intentions it is easier for her to start looking for new male with clear intentions. It is also important for the girl to know that you are not going to condemn her for her sexual intentions. If you are afraid to seduce her, she will start thinking you are looking for some model, or princess and that she is not pretty enough for you; and as she just wants relations and would not change herself she would look up for another guy.

There is one trick. On the first date with Estonian girl try to behave as if she is already your girlfriend. Touch her gently on the first date. Take her hand. If she takes her hand back it is only manners, in reality she probably likes it. DON”T be rude! If she liked you, she would go with you on the second and next dates. But it only would be possible if you show your intention.

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