If you want to have a date in Bolivia, where to start?

In any guidebook Bolivia travelers are advised to visit the famous street of Witches (some guides referred to simply as “witches market»). Description of this place is really amazing and is of interest: in this place you can not only buy, or at least see some magical things, but also to meet with these witches. Maybe there you will find a girl to go for a date?

 So, where is this famous place? Well, it is located in the capital of Bolivia Las Paz. It’s actually a whole long street flanked by shops with a specific commodity. There really sell a variety of potions, amulets and even embryos lamas. Like whether local sales woman are witches is hard to say. For our little man all local resemble sorcerers and shamans.

By the abundance of tourists on the street becomes clear that any self-respecting magician in such a pop place will not do their experiments.

Girls in Bolivia are mainly not that beautiful. And if on the coast or in big cities you can still find nice person, in the mountains this is difficult. It is home to the Indians. And the girls are also Indian. I understand that the matter is in my standards of beauty and the hard life that pretty quickly turns comely young ladies “marriageable” in crocked “rags” and rather ugly women. Read also: I decided to marry Bolivian girl

In the part of Bolivia, which is adjacent to Peru, the situation is all the same. Highlands do not spare beauty: skin darkens rapidly and aging, cold forces wrap up in several layers of clothing, making women like the South American similarity of snowmen, hands are covered with wrinkles and hunched back from work. But descend into the jungle and suddenly you see that beauty is available in Bolivia.

In Bolivia, Indian women dictate the new fashion and beauty criteria. For many centuries, representatives of ethnic Quechua and Aymara are called “cholitas” and refer to them as to lower class. But now things are changing. Another ten or twenty years ago, it seemed impossible, but now in La Paz runs a modeling agency for indigenous women in Bolivia. Here the girls wear traditional outfits with wide skirts, hats and learn to move like the real “cholitas.” So, maybe you should try to look over there for Bolivian model to have a date with, ha?

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