If you want to Date with Icelandic Woman

If you are foreigner and came to Iceland to find a girl, you must not do any overactive things. If you will be too active, you will be slapped in a face and probably the girl will call police and accuse you in harassment. What is the best way to get acquainted with Iceland girl? It is common in Iceland that if girl likes you, she will come to you in the bar and show her attention to you. She usually openly flirts with you and that is a signal that she liked you. Now you may be more active and for sure your evening will be finished in one bad with her. So, main rule here is that you have to be nice enough that Iceland girl decide to choose you herself. The girl is going to choose you if she’d like to.

What are Iceland women like?

Harsh environment and living conditions tempered Iceland women. Woman in Iceland has always had equal rights with menProof of this is the fact that at the birth of a girl she is given a name that remains in her lifetime. Icelandic women well drive a caraddicted to struggle and love knittingIn addition, the contemplation of huge volcanoes, icy plains and valleys geysers gives beautypeace of mind and tranquility.

Recently American weekly Newsweek acknowledged Iceland the best country for women to live, taking into account criteria such as women’s rights, access to education and medicine, as well as the participation of women in politics.

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    I like to have an Icelandic girlfriend

  4. Harvey Fulo says:

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