Ideal partner for pregnant woman: what is he like?

Expectation of the child (especially the first one) becomes a severe test for many couples. These recommendations are addressed to men, so do not forget to discuss them during supper!

Man does not have to require too much

Maybe it sounds trivial, but within you grows a new person who uses your resources and energy. And if you, for example, do not want to cook dinner or have sex – you have even more rights not to do it than at regular times.

Morning nausea does not necessarily occur in the morning

This condition is not at all like that, when he drunk too much of tequila last night, and could last in the literal sense for months. And he will have to accept this.

Your feelings are sharpened

Your beautiful breasts have become even better, but now they can not be touched – it’s unpleasant. It is difficult for men to quickly accept these changes, so the soil has to be prepared in advance.

You can “explode” without a reason

And it’s not at all in your character, but in hormones. They make you cry and swear that together with nausea, weakness, fatigue and other “joys” your position does not make you any more fun.

Make a joint trip

Of course, by and large account it will be a rest for him, because you can not do much. But in any case, if the health allows – go to have rest, as you will have no time for this later in the nearest future.

Sex has become different

Some men are afraid to touch a child, but these fears are completely unfounded. In any case, he will have to show you more involvement, more talk about your feelings and rejoice in future changes. Let him try to surprise you!

During childbirth, ask him not to give advice

Ask him not offer you to relax – let him make you a massage better; he must not run to the nursing staff with his eyes widely open  stirring up the situation. If you did something in a wrong way, you will discuss it later. Now let him just support you and then everything will be fine.

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