I decided to marry Latvian girl

Marriage is an important event in the life of every person. Lately more common are becoming marriages between citizens of different states. To marry a foreign citizen you will need a number of certain documents.

Law of the Republic of Latvia (LR) provides that the state registration of marriage takes place in any department in the civil registry (Registry Office, dzimtsarakstu nodala) or the church. Denominations under the Civil Law have right to conduct marriage in the country. The date and the establishment the persons entering into a marriage are determined independently. Marriage with a foreign citizen on the territory of Latvia is possible if the other party is a citizen / non-citizen or a foreigner granted permanent / temporary residence in Latvia. A person wishing to enter into marriage may be over 16, but with the proviso that only one of spouses is under the age of 18 years. For the person who has not attained the age of 18 the state requires the consent of a parent or guardian. An application for marriage is signed and sent together. Newlyweds can choose last name, staying each on their own, or move to the name of the husband or wife. Read also: Is it true Latvian women eager to conduct marriage with foreigners

Marriage in Latvia – the necessary documents:

– A valid passport

– A document of divorce, if both or one of wanting to get married, divorced (s)

– Instrument of death of a spouse for widows

– A document on the legal capacity of marriage (1)

– A document from the “Agency of the state language” (2)

– Marriage application

– Payment of the state fee

The documents that are available in any foreign language, in addition you need to provide a certified translation of a sworn notary and legalized, if necessary.

1) Information about the fact that there are no impediments to the marriage may be issued by the competent authorities at the place of residence of the foreigner or consular authorities of that State abroad. If any state does not issue the required certificates, Latvian court may exempt a foreign national from the obligation of presentation of the document.

2) Help needed alien’s name and last name were entered in the register of inhabitants without controversy and subsequent updates, the registrar must submit a certificate from the Information Department “State Language Agency” how to spell the name and surname of the foreigner. Writing carried out respecting the Latvian transcription.

Do not hurry to marry girl from Latvia. According to statistics, inhabitants of Latvia are in no hurry to get married; every second marriage breaks. Latvian residents all come later in the first marriage, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO). This statistics of divorce remains unchanged. According to recent statistics, lately the average age of Latvian men first married was 30.8 years and the average age of women – 28.7 years. Ten years ago the average age of men at first marriage was 27.7 years and women – 25.5 years. Over the years remains virtually unchanged statistics of divorce: almost every second union breaks up. In 2005, for every thousand inhabitants it was made 5.6 marriages and 2.8 marriages were annulled. In 2014, for every thousand inhabitants it was made 6.3 marriages and 3.1 marriages were annulled. Read also: My dating experience with Latvian girl

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