I choose to marry Lithuanian girl

I am not the citizen of Lithuania, but I have visited this nice and hospitable country on business and felt in love with Lithuania. I am serious. I love this country and this country loves me, I can say we have special relations. I love almost everything about Lithuania: its cuisine, its calm and mild climate, its style of life and, of course, its beautiful women. I would like to connect my life with Lithuania and I am seriously thinking about settle down in Lithuania.

I have traditional way of thinking and I would like to have happy family and for this reason I am going to marry Lithuanian woman. I think Lithuanian woman is the best wife in the world. I am already dating Lithuanian girl and it is all serious. I will tell you why I choose to marry exactly Lithuanian girl.

Lithuanian women are one of the most beautiful in the world.

Lithuanian women are intelligent and almost all graduated University; they work and are good in their career

Except for working, Lithuanian women are good at house work as housewives

They are great caring mothers

They know how to cook and store grandmother’s recipe

They have nice parents and were brought up in moral and kind atmosphere

They are not very religious, but almost all are Roman Catholics and visit Church more or less often; this helps me to think they are more moral and family oriented than many women from western countries.

They are not much emancipated and recognize their husband head of the family

Lithuanian women like to show their character in such a way man does something thinking it is his decision, but in real it was the decision of wife; but this decision is in favor of a man

They know how to be passionate lover and husband will be surprised every time

Lithuanian wife is positive and you will never be bored with her; you will have very interesting, colorful family life

Those are only some positive characteristics of Lithuanian wife and I have already decided for myself why I am going to connect my life with Lithuanian girl, what about you? Read also: Pros of dating Lithuanian girl 

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Aivaras Kukaikus

Aivaras Kukaikus is generous guy who is always ready to share his experience and thoughts with readers who are interested in topics of dating, marriage and just admiring gorgeous Baltic women. Although not everyone is agree with his points he expresses in his articles, Aivaras is sure that every opinion has right to exist to keep the belence in the Universe and he's also sure his subjective opinion might be great source of inspiration for other people.

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