I am married to Estonian woman

If idea of marriage with woman from Estonia is what disturbs you to sleep, then you are either older men from the US or the UK who didn’t find personal happiness in life yet or you are young maximalist who is sick of partying and wants to build real traditional family life with pretty wife who will also become a little like housewife and a little like your mommy and a little like your personal psychologist and motivator.

If you didn’t change your points of view at life and consider women a kind of goods it is exactly why you are heading to Estonia to find wife there; personal feelings are not what you are interested in; the key factors why you are choosing Estonian wife are her beauty, her style and her feminine attitude to husband and family; maybe this is even a way to show other men in your country or at least your neighbors and close friends what losers they are and how cool you are you have found such perfect wife: pretty, intelligent, feminine, home and family oriented. Doesn’t it seem to you like you are choosing bread in the supermarket? No? Then let’s move on.

Instinct that we inherited with gene pool makes us go to another countries to look up for different women in order to make our progeny stronger with new set of genes; if to reinforce your unconditioned reflex with uncontrollable desire of some of Estonian women to marry foreigners then foreign man marry Estonian woman; this is so simple and as old as the hills.

Why exactly Estonian women are so popular for brides among foreigners? Well, Estonian girls are European type of girls, maybe there are little more blondes than in other countries, but in general you can’t say this girl is from Estonia for sure, this one is 100% Ukrainian and this one comes from Poland. Women in Estonia have all those positive qualities of European woman like beauty, slim figure, intelligence; unlike western women they like to have family and babies, they like man to be the head of the family and also are accustomed to do the housework like laundry, cleaning, washing etc.; they know how to cook and like to cook. So, if you have chosen exactly Estonian woman, it has happened for some reasons that led you to this choice. Maybe you have met Estonian girl in your country or you went to Estonia for business, found women of this country beautiful and married one representative of this unique Baltic culture. However, with the same success Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian or Russian woman could be on the place of your wife, because there are not much difference as for me and this is only the case of will.

Culture of marriage in Estonia is different than the meaning of marriage on west. Estonians got used to get married because this shows their maturity and they are able to rent a flat to live separately from their previous family; although many live in civil marriages before sign up papers and have officially register the marriage. Many representatives of young generation go abroad in search of better life and do not hurry to create families; first of all they want financial stability and independence and only then to have family; in other words they want to be sure they are able to feed the family. Even according to those facts in Estonia girls are getting married at much younger age than their peers in western countries; very often young pretty girls get married to old, bald but wealthy American and European men.

If you still thinking about marriage to Estonian girl you have great chance as there are more women in the country than men and you will face almost no competition with local men because you are from West, you are rich and if you have good appearance chances are high; by the way, Estonian girls are very beautiful, smart and kind; such a wife could be also good adviser to you in life situations; great personal chef at the kitchen; brave, loving and caring mother; passionate lover in bed. Remember, Estonian women are astonishing! Read also: What should I know when going for the date with girl from Estonia

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