How Venezuelan women are different from American

The difference between Venezuelan and American women is huge. This difference actually makes American men seek for brides in Venezuela. It is not that Americans are not satisfied with their women; it is more about selfish goals of some American men and emancipation of American women and undeniable pluses of Venezuelan women – natural beauty, slim model looking figure and their orientation towards the family. There are some additional pluses of Venezuelan as well and we are going to show some of them today.

We are not saying some women are bad and some are good. Every woman is unique and interesting. It is more that some men choose the type of woman for life which is closer to them.

So, differences between American and Venezuelan women:

  1. American woman is more independent and her goals for life often are career and personal needs. Venezuelan woman is ready to devote herself completely for the family and sacrifice her own interests to the interests and needs of her family
  2. American woman is looking for equal partner in family life where they both could get something for each other, but on basis of equality. Venezuelan woman treats her husband as the head of the family and getter and her role in the family she sees as support for the husband.
  3. American woman has her own interests and makes the man go creasy in pleasant way as she is sometimes unpredictable. Venezuelan woman often takes the interests of her husband as her own or if they are too different she just gives her support. Read also: What benefits brigns you dating and marriage with woman from Venezuela?
  4. American woman is ready to fight for her rights in the family and always stands for her own point of view. Venezuelan woman hides her own willing deep inside and prefers to make a will of her husband first; she often does not have time or possibility to fulfill her own wishes.
  5. American woman was upbringing in the environment of equality, women rights and freedoms that help her to form her life the way she sees it. Venezuelan woman since childhood was raised in the environment where the man is superior to woman; it she often lives not her own, but someone else’s life.
  6. American woman in the race of career and work accumulates money, but often does not have personal happiness and rising with everyday problems, dissatisfaction and uncertainty lead to problems in personal life and make her visit psychologist. Venezuelan woman could be poor, may do not have expensive cosmetics, car and position in the society, but she is happy to wake up every day; till her 50 she has already adult children who gather with their own families and grandchildren in one big house, celebrate holidays together and are naturally happy. Family is not only goal for Venezuelan woman – it is the lifestyle she likes.

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