How to start dating a guy. What if guy offered to be his girlfriend?

For some girls to meet a guy first or first to start a conversation with a guy is not difficult. Others are more shy, which is why often feel uncomfortable even if they have sympathy to some guy; such shy girl is afraid to approach guy first and also afraid to seem assertive and frivolous. But girls do not realize that with such behavior it is easy to lose the only one. That is why, you girl, should act decisively and boldly. First you have to hint him for closer relationship, push it and force him to pay attention to you. How to do this we try to explain in this article.

You’re just going crazy about some guy; it seems you love him with all your heart, but you don’t know how allude to the relationship? First, do not fall in despair; most likely he has already noticed himself you are not ignorant to him. Well, it’s hard not to pay attention to eyes burning with love and adoration. But if a lot of time has passed and the guy did not notice or refuses to notice that you like him, you should take certain actions.

First, make sure that you spend much time together or at least try to be nearby more often. Call the guy for a walk; start to visit the same section where he goes (if it’s possible, of course). If you are not familiar with him, try to talk to him and search out what he is interested in and delighted; seek common and general topics and use the to start a conversation. And do not listen to those who say that the guy should make the first step. It’s just superstition, especially in our time. You can calmly call a guy for a date. The ideal would be to do it in a friendly and playful way. Then the guy does not really know about your love he would willingly agree.

You would ask where to go? Wherever you’d like to. Consider amusement park. There you will spend a fun time riding on various carousels eating cotton candy. And in the moments when you become scared of height on Ferris wheel you can take his hand – that brings people together subconsciously and makes them closer.

Play with his curiously. Give a note where you confess about your love, but do it anonymously. He will be touched by this, believe me, and immediately would start looking around and trying to find out who is the mysterious lady in love. But the main thing for you is not to show up immediately; you need to ignite his curiosity as long as possible.

Implying you like the guy it is expressed the best through a smile. Smile more often when you see him, but don’t just be silly girl with stupid smile and look at him at least friendly and better with mysterious passion. Anyway, there is no guy who just does not like it when the girl smiles to him; where it is possible you can also add touch. As we mentioned on a subconscious level touch is perceived as a manifestation of a kind of trust, openness and good intentions (of course, it should be careful, naive and gentle touch, rather than a push in the back or kick up the backside).

Then you have to use smooth transition to the talks. In general, the conversation with him is not particularly different from talking with any other guy, so there is nothing to be afraid and ashamed. Talk on any topic; it is important that the dialogue was interesting to him. It is also important to listen him carefully or at least pretend you are interested in his stories. Make him compliments as if it happens accidently. Ask him for advices and do exactly as he says. Whatever all say, but the guys love it when girls are ready to listen to them.

An important factor is his friends. Often after consultation with his friend, the man chooses a girl and sometimes even a companion for life, but don’t be afraid, it is not so scary. Just show yourself in the best light, or better, become a friend of his best friend, no matter how corny it may sound. Then you can hint his best friend about the guy you like, tell he seems cute for you (the guy you like, not his best friend) and you will not wait long for the result.

Overall, to make guy a hint about relationships you may not need most of these tips; all depends on the guy and his decision. If he does not want relations, or for some reason had not paid attention to you, do not despair, each person has his own weird kinds of behavior. If you still want to get him – do not retreat! Sooner or later you will see the smile of fortune.

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