How to start conversation with Czech girl?

I would advise you not to be too biased about girls from some particular country. It may seem a little weird to you, but the approach you use in your home country could be successfully applied to girls from Czech Republic. Of course, there are some differences and we are going to discover them so you were overwhelmed and “armed” with knowledge, but you also have to remember that knowledge is only a part on the way to your success with girls and more important is to use this knowledge, in other words – practice and one more time practice.

So, how to start chat with Czech girl?

There is no special recipe and you always have to decide depending on situation. In general you have to be a little weird, funny and brave. Confidence is 70% of your success. Don’t let negative thoughts rule your mind at the moment, don’t think and wait for too long as well otherwise negative thoughts will start ruling you and even if you start talking, your non-confidence would be rather obvious and women have sharp ability to see it very clear.

You have to start acting immediately after you saw the girl you liked and after you have chosen your “target”. Remember: you already have everything you need to communicate with girl from the nature; subconsciously you already know how to act, but too much thoughts, weak will power and lack of confidence are your main enemies. To help to fight those invisible enemies you could practicing everyday meditation. Check for it, but I am not talking about starting meditate after you see Czech girl whom you like to start talking to. Although, who knows, maybe she would notice you in the process of meditation and that would cause her interest towards you in such a way?

What to start from?

Come closer to her, according to the situation and start conversation about anything. You have to stay face to face, with open hands and turned towards her. If you are foreigner this is additional plus as you have so many topics to ask about. As the foreigner you will also be attractive person for her to communicate with. Ideally would be if you ask her about some nearby place and so she had time to walk you there. When you walk, you have more time to talk about something and then you can ask her to have some coffee with you.

If you chose to start talking with Czech girl not on the street, but in some cafe, different questions about some famous places of Czech capital would be the best to start conversation with. Then you may ask to join her table and keep conversation. At the end you may ask either for her phone number to meet her today evening or you may ask her to walk you to some famous place together as she is local and knows the city better; in this case you would spend more time together and then you may ask her to meet in the evening and ask her for the phone number.

What if she is not local, not from Prague, for example?

It is even better. Such girls usually are much more interested in communication with foreigners, in practicing English and you may both spend interesting time exploring unknown places of Prague and exploring each other.

The last advice to start conversation with Czech woman is to be yourself.

If she likes you for who you are, this is great and you don’t have to pretend, to be nervous and feel uncomfortable. And what if she won’t like you? Start searching for another girl, because this one is not your type or you are not her type. Good luck and never be shy when you liked the girl and want to talk to her, remember that you are the “man”, the “hunter” and you are playing your hunting game.

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