How to seduce Belarusian woman: rules to know

To seduce Belarusian woman you have to make her interested in you at first. Too bad, but it is really true that woman chooses whether she would like to be with the man (including sex) at first few seconds of the first meeting. It means that if you are ‘incompatible’ with some particular woman you will not get her interest and as the result you will never seduce her. It works with Belarusian women as well. Of course, you may do some extra efforts, spend lots of money for presents and other stuff to please the woman, but it would work only for short period of time and it is not the result you are waiting for.

We are speaking about natural ways of seducing Belarusian girls. Must say that for foreigners it is much easier to do and the thing is not only in wallet size of the foreigner (but the size… just kidding) but in subconscious instinct which tells women to choose exotic, foreign man for procreation, because in such a way future progeny is going to be stronger because of combinations of genes or some stuff like this (I’m not a biologist but something like that I’ve heard).

So, being foreigner you are already attractive to many Belarusian girls, but not to all or not to the most. And usually the girl you like does not pay attention on you or… it is more fair vice verse – the girl who does not pay attention to us takes all our attention and we try to conquer her at any price.

Price. Price is correct word because it is the equivalent of money you spend to achieve some aim. If your aim is seducing Belarusian girl – after you noticed you got her minimal attention you have to start acting. There should be your presence in her life. Be active and ask her to go with you somewhere –to expensive restaurant one day, to the cozy café the other day, to the walk in the park in the morning before work. Some ask whether the rule of three dates works here in Belarus as well? Sometimes yes, sometimes no – as anywhere, but to hope only for the third date and that after the third date you get full access would be completely foolish idea.

Make Belarusian girl a lot of compliments. It is well known fact that Belarusian men are greedy and cold for compliments, maybe because they got used to pretty women around since childhood. But every Belarusian woman without exaggeration is dreaming about warm words from her beloved one. It is especially true in case with Belarusian women that they love with their ears. So, make compliments as often as you can, even if you think it is too much – it is not.

Flowers. Along with compliments – flowers are the best addition. Huge, small, every day – they are suitable if you are hoping for quick result. Along with flowers present sweets.

I guess this would be more than enough to seduce Belarusian girl. BUT. She will think that you are serious in your intentions, that you are planning to date with her and stuff. If you see you have met kind open hearted girl – better forget about your intention of seducing just for seducing. It might hurt her till the rest of her life. If you want some fun (let’s name it like that), you have many girls in Belarus who could give you such options, but don’t make a mistake by finding some good descent girl and fooling her naïve soul. After writing this I understand it looks like I first gave direct instruction how to hurt someone and then ask not to do it. It is up to you to decide, but always think that Belarusian girl you are going to seduce is someone’s sister or mother, and would you like some foreigner would do the same with your sister or mother? Always act the way you want people act with you.

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