How to Recognize Traitor-Man

Sometimes you do not need to be a visionary to notice the strangeness in his behavior and suspect that something is not right with him. And is it possible to detect this predisposition before everything happens? Quite YES!

1. He has already betrayed in the past

Of course, he can repent a hundred times, but research confirms that those who betrayed once can do it again. You are free to give him a second chance, but not the twenty-second one!

2. He is an introvert

People of this type rarely show their emotions and often it is very hard or even impossible what is happening in the deepness of his soul. It is believed that they are easier to capture in alternative relationships than extroverts.

3. He looks like a man who is capable of betrayal

It is difficult to explain, you need to describe a whole set of feelings, but if even without additional information you think so – it’s highly likely that it does not only seems to you.

4. He has long ring fingers

A study by Oxford University shows that people who have ring fingers longer than pointers are more likely to betray themselves. Biological basis is the body produces more testosterone.

5. He is a man

No-no, no sexism, only the data based on the same study. Out of the nearly 1,500 respondents, 57% of men and 47% of women are betraying. That is why man is more likely to betray only because of his gender.

6. His father betrayed

Czech anthropologists have determined that genes may be responsible for the propensity of a partner to betray. So learn the story of his family and put a check mark.

7. If he betrayed you, then it means you are more attractive

It is believed that a man betrays with one that looks worse than a regular partner. So the hot colleague at work is not a rival for you, but that shy and modest grey mouse… However, do not make hasty conclusions.

8. He quickly begins to get angry and jealous

A man with a manifestation of negative emotions is more prone to infidelity, says another study.

9. His friends betray

Approximately three out of four men have traitors. No, of course, they will not bend him to do the same, but he can be exposed unconcsiously.

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