How to please Colombian woman?

Question which men all over the world ask themselves from time to time and it is going on not only about Colombian woman. Dating often is possible with global social networks. Many Australian, American or Canadian men find their Colombian beauty online. It becomes possible by using dating websites, social networks, and announcements, with the help of common friends.

Those acquaintanceships have many in common, because are held without physical presence. If man and woman have never seen each other before it might turn into a problem in the future. When you have appointed date you would like to impress Colombian girlfriend and make her interested in you, that is why comes up logical question how to please Colombian woman.

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Women have naturally developed ability to estimate the men’s character on distance and Colombian women are good at this as well. You probably know what women’s intuition is. Without a look, Colombian woman would easily find out small things you obviously are trying to hide. Bad look, dirty clothes or shoes, uncut nails, nervous behavior or over-excitement are things you have to avoid for sure.

Though, even if your appearance is just perfect keep in mind such things as:

The walk has to be full-foot, without jogging and no shuffle. Walk confidently because it shows partially what kind of men you are.

Straighten your shoulders; the posture is vitally important as well. This shows you are self-confidence even if in reality you feel different. Do no lift up your chin and pull the belly if you have.

Better if gestures will be temperate and measurable. Hysterical neurotic gestures would describe you as unbalanced person.

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Do not use swear words and parasite words when you speak. Do not use well known jokes because women do not like laughter on purpose. Make sure the first dating is not in the park with ice cream, but in a cozy cafe at the reasonable time. Pay the bill for both, because Colombian woman would not show what she expects you to pay, but she really expects you to pay. It is poor country and it is also about local traditions. As there are no strong feminist moves in Colombia, patriarchy rules, the man is the head and it is normal practice. And be attentive if the girl demands you to pay or asks for presents, it is probably scam. Though, if woman wants to pay herself or to split the bill, slightly in unobtrusive way tell her you want to pay for dinner, because it is your pleasure and such a pretty woman does not have to pay when there is man near. It is common for Colombia to walk lady home after the date.

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