How to meet truly Belarusian girls online, but not fake bot from agency?

Several months ago one late evening my old school friend called me. His voice was incredibly sad. My friend has been registered on one popular internet site for dating where he has met an amazing girl with unbelievable photos and beautiful character and story of life. They have been communicating for three and a half months before he suddenly discovered that she was nothing but bot from agency. Guys, it has really hurt my friend’s heart very much, and I can understand him very well.

If you really want real love story which will transform in the future in something more than just beautiful story, if you want to meet truly Belarusian girl online, but not fake bot from agency you have to understand the inner rules of internet sites dating industry nowadays. Read below, try to memorize, – you can even write down some special paragraphs (kidding of course).

First of all remember the main golden rule – if you want to meet someone sincere and honest online you must be sincere and honest too! If you just wanna playing games, you will get the same relation.

Now let’s talk about Belarusian girls online and how they are used to act being online. If honestly, real girl and bot behave very differently and their behavior can be differentiated. These words refer to real Belarusian girls, of course, but not fake bots! What about them? How can an intelligent, modern, looking for a true love guy determine it?

Remember that real Belarusian girl has various types of photos in her portfolio. Her photos are not all perfect and ideal. If this is a true woman then she will have true photos.

If you discovered that all the photos look like as they have been taken from a modern fashion magazine, then there is a great possibility that you have caught a fake bot.

Next step for understanding true or fake is questionnaire. Read it very carefully and attentively. Remember, – truly Belarusian girls are very original and sincere. They rarely tell about themselves like about perfect and ideal ladies. Nobody is perfect – this is the way how real Belarusian girls think.

And the most important thing is communication between Belarusian girl and you itself. Remember, if you communicate with real girl you will find out her interest to you. She will ask you not only common questions, if she likes you, of course. But if she does not want you, if she is bored with you and she does not want to continue communication, she will tell you the truth, – you can be sure. Or she will start completely ignoring you.

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