How to make Latvian girl like you

If you would like to make Latvian girl like you – you have to be the man. In all connotations and shades of this word. Most of the time you have to be positive, but sometimes you may be even irritated by something (though it is not necessary) and to show your character. You probably have heard that most of the girls like when man is a little ignorant to them and Latvian girls are not an exception. If you are trying to build up strong relations with Latvian girl you have not to give her to relax in a positive way of understanding this. I will explain. You have to play kind of the game where you ‘grab the blanket’ and give her to ‘grab the blanket’ as well. It means you have to be attentive, kind to her, but not too much. Keep the balance in everything and in relations with Latvian girl especially. You have to give her personal space and at the same time to remind her about your existence.

Give her some time to think about you when she is alone. To interest Latvian girl you have to be in focus of her attention, but smart ignorance is very important as well. For example, when you are writing and calling her first all the time it is not good, even if you really want so or if you are addicted to her and have such a need. You have to show her your man’s character otherwise she would get used that you are doing everything to her and would treat you as already conquered guy. Such type of guy within some time might become not interesting to her or what is worse she would get bored of you and your messages and calls would only irritate her. If at this time appears some cute guy who will pay attention to her there are high chances she would go for him. This is the way to the end of relations. In order not to make it happen you have to play the game of smart ignorance. This is sometimes not easy, but this helps her to get more interested in you, you will be not ‘conquered item’ for her and she would keep finding the way to conquer you and so would remain interested in you and intrigued, this would help her to understand real price of your relations and whether you both need each other.

How to play the ignorance game? As I said before, it would be not easy. Writing a text message with wish of the good day is enough for this day. Then check her reaction. If you usually called her during break on the work or had some conversations during lunch this day you should not call her. If later she asks you why you didn’t call her you can tell you had really busy day at work. Wait until she calls you or writes something. If she called first, you can answer, but after conversation ended you have to continue playing the ignore game this day. If she writes you first then or calls you it is great. The next day you have to act like you did previously, but in a three days period according to the situation you have to keep teasing her by ignorance. If she does not call you or write you, this means bad news for you. Though it is hard to believe she might lost interest in you and you have to be emotionally prepared for the break up.

Playing the ignore game with Latvian girl do it wise so she would not think that you have found someone else. One day you can present her flowers and the next day you can ignore her and wait until she contacts you first. If you always write her good night first, this day you don’t write her anything, even if she wants.

To play such a game you have to know your girl very well in order not to offend her. This should be made delicate and wise. If you are both happy in relations and remain to be yourselves you may consider leave everything as it is as it would be the right choice. Act according to the situation.

No one never ever had understood a woman and Latvian women are not an exception. You may use some general hints or tricks to interest her, but everything is rather personal. There are no rules, but there is general understanding, your vision and your intuition.

Latvian girls don’t like when guy controls them all the time, but they need to feel the strong man’s shoulder and character. If you don’t like something, you should express her your displeasure. If one day she is happy when she is calling and the next day she does not answer your calls, you have to tell her that this is not right if you are in relations. If she chose to watch a movie instead of answering your call you have to tell her that you are pissed off and next time you would not pay attention to her when she would like this. Girls like guys who ignore them and lose interest in guys who give them all their attention. If it is hard for you to make compulsory ignorance, and then try to do something, to be busy with something – visit a river with friends, go for a bike ride or hike to the mountains, do something interesting for you, but make your Latvian girl miss you.

To interest Latvian girl you have to be responsible and reliable in her eyes. You need to have aim in your life – work, business, personal goal – and to keep following this aim no matter what happens. She has to feel that she is important and needed by you, but she is not the center of your universe and you have many things to do. If you would be just romantic guy with flowers, sweet talks and chocolate, but without actions Latvian girl would not stay with you for long. You might not be rich, but you have to be active and follow your way to the goal. She has to see this. Actually, this is the best way to interest the girl – to be the getter on your own field. She has to see your efforts, your success and sometimes your fails, but you need to move on all the time. In such a man Latvian girl would see support and reliable person with whom she would like to be. You have to demonstrate this, but not to overload her with information – just be partners for life with personal goals.

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