How To Make Girl Fall In Love With You: 16 Steps

You are in love, but there is no reciprocity? In fact, you can try to call it. The person you love also has feelings and always there is a chance, you just need to know how to do it right: how to fall in love with a girlfriend?

1. Before you start, you have to understand whether you really LOVE the girl. Often, there is such a situation that many guys are confused in their feelings because of the desire for intimacy. You simply are under influence of hormones, and it seems that you’re in love, but that’s not true. In addition, if you got acquainted recently, then you may have a passion, but not love. After some time this feeling usually fades away. So, first of all, find out whether this is really love and if it is – go ahead!

2. Try to find as much common as possible with potential (present time) girlfriend. It can be either unity of thoughts or feelings. If you have common topics for discussion – this is great, start talking over.

3. Make your dates memorable. Experience with your girl as many new emotions as possible. Let each of your meetings always be something new. For example, today you go for a walk in the city park, the next day you watch the new movie, and the other day you go jumping. Be inventive. Be initiative.

4. Most of the girls love so called real men type. A real man by nature is a leader in relations. Of course, there are girls who choose themselves boyfriends who have weak character, but you’re not the one, right!? You have to decide where and when you meet next time and what you are going to do. Just do not forget to take into account the girl’s desire. If she does not want something, it is better to refuse this idea and find more pleasant for both alternatives.

5. The initiator of the first kiss should also be the man. Most girls rarely dare to make it first, and first kiss on your initiative would bring the girl much more joy. But the most important is to choose the right moment. The first kiss should not happen too soon, otherwise the girl will decide that your intentions towards her are not serious, but at the same time too late first kiss would make the girl think she is not interesting and attractive enough to you as the woman. Keep the balance and choose the right moment.

6. When you are in love, you constantly think about subject of your love and try to spend with her as much time as possible. It is very important not to overdo. Leave the girl some free space. The girl needs time to think about you, to dream about your upcoming acquaintances, to miss you! She also has her own business to do. Never show the girl your dependence on love. Girls are not interested in overwhelming guys. You do not have to constantly bury her with new messages, call every five minutes, telling her how your whole day has passed. Instead make short phone calls and the subject of conversation should cause only her positive emotions. You can tell her a couple of pleasant compliments or laugh with a cute joke.

7. If you are acquainted with your girlfriend recently, then get ready for lengthy conversations. You want to know each other a bit better. Therefore, think ahead of time to answer its possible questions, choose the most appropriate words. It’s also a good idea to come up with a couple of original questions to the girl.

8. Girls like guys who are getting out of the crowd. Of course, it does not mean you have to run into a hairdresser changing your style. It’s enough to just work on your manner of communicating with others, to develop your own style of clothes, to start an interesting hobby or to be seriously involved in something unusual. People “not from the crowd” are always interesting.

9. Be sure of yourself. And this means that you must be determined, initiative, have your own opinion and self-esteem. The helpless and timid guy is unlikely to cause the girl’s warm feelings.

10. Be an interesting interlocutor who has not stereotyped thinking. Accuracy and cleanliness are your indispensable allies. Girl would chat with a guy who has dirty nails or unwashed hair just once.

11. Humor brings people together. A good joke is able to make your communication easier and more interesting.

12. It’s very important to be honest. If your relationship is in development, and love is just beginning, your lie can kill it forever. Do not make lies. Starting new relationships with lies is quite a bad beginning; in addition, man who lies is not reliable. The best way out is to be sincere.

13. Learn your girl well. Be interested in her life, learn about her as much as possible. This will help you to behave correctly with her. You will surely know what it is better not to offer and what is better not to talk about. You also will have more clearly assumption how you can plan the next date, taking into account your girlfriend’s sympathies, etc.

14. The more compliments you make your girlfriend – the better. If you seek honest relationships, then compliments must be true, but not comforting.

15. Get her to think of you as of her potential boyfriend. Tell her stupid at first look things like “How many kids with me would you like to have?” or “What would be the name of our daughter?” or “When we will go trip to Greece and wake up in the morning would you like tea or coffee? Or massage would be better?” You can call her a slight jealousy to make her thinking about you as potential boyfriend. Her girl friends must admire you; girls on the streets must give you cute smiles. She will see that you are interesting for other members of her gender and will think about you as a possible partner.

16. The most important advice: Do not hurry, let it all evolve in a natural way. If you see something went the wrong way – do not get in despair. Just take it as one more step for improvement which let you understood something new. Practice, improve yourself, never give up and always go to your goal.

Author: Melinda Perk Joseph Clark

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