How to make Ecuadorian woman like you?

Women from the Latin America truly amaze by their natural beauty, sexual and desirable body, velvet and tender voice. Women from Ecuador are wonderful as well, may be even more, than all the other Latin American nations.

When I was 23 years I was in Moscow for New Year holidays and one evening in a Mexican restaurant I have met Ecuadorian girl. We have spent that evening together until the morning sunrise. After that we have had only two fantastic days. This girl was almost cosmic. I will never forget her…but our relations ended forever. It’s not easy, my friend, to have love relations with a woman from another continent, believe me, especially if we are talking about Ecuadorian woman. And you have to understand it very clearly.

Firstly, I want to tell you about the essential dignities of Ecuadorian women. Almost all of them are very kind, caring, and caress women. They also are very beautiful and passionate individuals. Sex with a girl from Ecuador is incredible. And, by the way, most of all many Ecuadorian women appreciate family traditions. Ecuadorian girl does not really care about her friends, or parties, or shopping. All that she really needs is family! Sounds like ideal woman, does not it? But there is one feature of character all Ecuadorian women have and it is called jealousy. You may say to me: “come on, body, all women are jealous”, – and you will be right! But Ecuadorian jealousy is really awful, believe me.

If you have love relations with Ecuadorian woman you have to treat her very carefully. Ecuadorian woman will give all of herself in your hands if she feels your absolute true love. She will refer to you as to a god. But if you will betray her she will try to destroy your life. Ecuadorian official laws in most cases defend women when it comes to personal conflicts. So you will have rather hard life in this country, if you would hurt Ecuadorian woman.

Think twice before you start a love story between you and Ecuadorian woman because if you are looking for just quick and good sex and other life entertainment, then Ecuadorian girl will not suit you. She is serious enough and dreams about true family and responsible man by her.

And one more thing you have to know. What types of men do Ecuadorian women prefer? Maybe you will be disappointed or surprised, but a typical girl from Ecuador prefers a man with blond hair and green or blue eyes. Possibly this is because Ecuadorian native men predominantly have dark brown or black eyes and black hair.

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  1. Joseph Hose says:

    Hi,thank you for your insight into Ecuadorian women.i have travelled and lived all over the world.Easy sex does not impress me. i have lived in Ecuador for 7 years alone and never felt the need to have a date or a girl friend.I am very impressed withEcuadorian people and their culture.

    Their were so many reasons while travelling the world and looking for a new country to start a new life Ecuador hitsthetop ten in so many serious aspects of a good life. For me its the people themselves that makeit all worth while and makesthequality of your life go up 2extra levels. As for meeting a good honest truthfull caring woman im ready and i am in the right country.

    I am in no hurry but i am 100% convinced it willjust happen here when i show my openess to what ifeel and want.I am not shy by any means but take finding my soulmate very very seriously.

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