How to get Belarusian girl during trip to Belarus?

So you already have the wish to date a Belarusian girl. And you are going to come to Belarus and to meet her there. Nice idea! The girls from Belarus have nice characters.

There could be two ways:

A) you have met that girl in internet before travellingto Belarus.

It is the best way as you already know some information about the girl, maybe you even saw her on Skype. So the next step is to meet her in real life.

Please, think about the girl`s comfort. Ask her when it is comfortable for her to spend some time with you during your visit. Choose the right time for it. And you must tell her that you are going to stay at a hotel or at your friend`s place. Show her you are an adult with serious intentions, that you will not try to stay at her place for sex. Be a gentleman.

B) The second way: you are going to meet a Belarusian girl without any preliminary acquaintance. Just to come and to get the perfect one.

Sure it is more difficult but still possible. Here there are some tips that can help you to find your future Belarusian girlfriend:

1) you may go to some special agencies that can find a match for you according to your character. This way is not very romantic, but has many chances to succeed.

2) As the language can become an obstacle in communication, you should learn some phrases in Russian. And some compliments too.

3) Try to start conversations with as many girls as you can. More trying – more possibilities to find your beloved.

4) Why not to visit some showplaces without a guide? It will give you the opportunity to ask for help any of local girls. Most of them will try to help you (of course if they speak your language).

5) Walk more. Even if you feel bored don`t stay indoors. Go to a park. Maybe you will find there a girl with a book or with a pet. That is great as it is easy to start the conversation.

6) In the morning you can go running. It is good for your health and you can meet a nice fit Belarusian girl there.

7) Play some sports games. Women like to look at strong men during their training. It is a very sexy view.

8) Please, don`t visit night clubs or restaurants in order to find there your soulmate. Usually women go there not alone but with their boyfriends. You can go to some nice cafes instead: girls like to meet with friends (other girls) in the places where they don`t need any special dress code. And in cafes they usually feel more comfortable.

Be cheerful, relaxed and be ready to tell some funny stories of your life. Make her smile.

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