How to find perfect Moldovan wife

You want to find a Moldovan wife and for this decided to search on the net how it is to do this better and what possible cultural differences and other difficulties you might face up with in the future or while your search will be in non-stop ongoing treatment. Marry someone from Moldova is good alternative for man from West and there are many objective reasons as kindness, prettiness and intelligence of Moldovan women, who are very dedicated to husband and family and has showed themselves as caring mothers and just perfect, non-emancipated wives, always ready to help their husband.

But here we are going to talk not about the reasons why Western men choose Moldovan girls for brides, as there are many articles on this topic written on our website; but how to find nice wife in Moldova. What is an important, usually aged man from rich West are looking for young pretty brides from poor Moldova and popular way is mail order bride. Personally, I would not advice you to use this method as it has many cons. You might communicate for a long time with the girl who is not the one you are going to marry. When you meet your potential bride for the first time, you might find out she does not speak English at all and the language barrier is serious problem. Summary is it is better to choose for a wife a girl you already know.

The best way is to visit Moldova and spend some time living there. Moldova is ok if you are westerner as it would be very cheap for you to rent a flat of hotel room and but stuff there. By the time you are in Moldova, you will meet many girls and will have ability to distinguish who would like to go to bed with you and who is a good person to go dating with, spend free time and maybe get married within some time.

One more good thing is to find Moldovan girls to communicate is social networks. There you will find real girls and if some are speaking English or your native language, it would be a great plus. You may start to communicate with such girls being at home in your home country or in Moldova and finally meet alive someday if both of you would like this idea.

The thing with social networks will not work with Moldovan women over 45 as usually they are not familiar with social networks and as well, they rarely speak English. Though, as many men advice, women over 40 from Moldova are the best for potential brides. They already know what they want in life and did not lost abilities to be devoted and are not spoiled by western values as some young Moldovan girls. Young girls also often are not ready to live in marriage and if the husband is much older, they are getting divorced in few years or find younger lover. That is why it is important to think over many peculiarities of future marriage and have a marriage contract. If you want to marry young Moldova girls, it is much better to choose one good for bride exactly in Moldova, but do not use dating services. However, it is only my opinion and you may do as you wish.

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  1. sneakers says:

    Which social network sites to young Moldovan women use? Facebook, vkontakte, or something else? I am interested in Moldovan women but I agree that using a marriage or dating site is possibly a bad idea. I don’t want a woman who is looking for a rich western man, I would want a relationship to happen in a more natural way.

    • Marriage Moldova says:

      Hello, yes, and facebook are the best options to choose. It is also better to look for maybe girls with good level of English. And it could be girls from the Universities who are studying foreign languages. They have fluent English and would like to practice their language with native speaker. Doesn’t it sound as a good idea and reason to start communication?

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