How to date Armenian girl

Armenians are quite known all over the world. Their motherland is located in the Middle East, and they nation has bared a lot of suffering from Arabians, that’s why many of Armenians travelled a lot, which made them to have expat communities in different countries in the world. Armenians love their unusual national culture, so if you are dating Armenians, you should take it into consideration. In first hand, don’t you dare to mistake them for Arabian or Jewish nation, even if they sometimes seem much the same, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice the difference.

The first step to begin dating girls from Armenia is finding them. If you live in country like Russia, USA, France, Turkey, this won’t be as issue. Armenians can be found in church, not for the reason they are all religious, but because they have their own orthodox Christian church, so you just locate it in your city, come there, meet some Armenian people, and bingo!

However, you should never date a girl you have just met in church, no matter if she is Armenian or not. So you just walk around a bit, find some way to speak with the girl, learn her better, and if everything is ok, ask her if she would like a date with you.

Let’s imagine that she has accepted your invitation, and you are beginning your first real dating with Armenian girl. Before the date, you should probably read something up about Armenian history and culture, but remember that you aren’t going to become an Armenian yourself, so you don’t need to spend much time for learning, but, as for any usual date, better put on some fancy clothes and think about the places you are going to visit together. Armenian girls are the girls after all, so you don’t have to discover the continets again, just take her to a restaurant or cinema or anything else you find proper with the usual, ask her about her family. Tell her about your nation, your family; it really works when you’re dating someone with another cultural background. But don’t be too pushy, because Armenians are quite a conservative nation, and pushing too hard you can lose your face. These are the basics of dating girls from Armenia. Hope it was helpful, and you’ve learned something from it.

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