How to conquer the heart of Hungarian woman: which type of men Hungarian women like?

Probably since the beginning of the time on Earth men are restlessly trying to understand women’s mind and find the key to their heart. Mysterious female logic has more than once smashed into the logical chains of inferences of men. It is very often that women do not know what they want from life themselves. There is no logic in the fact of choosing a man by woman. Bully from the neighborhood makes her wet and well-dressed guy with manners will never be in her sight. The steps of woman when it concerns choosing man are unpredictable and even mysterious.

What Hungarian women like in men?

The main priority of young Hungarian girls when choosing a boyfriend is his appearance. He should be tall, sexy, handsome, preferably with well-developed body and muscles. Becoming slightly older, Hungarian girls change their mind about what an ideal man should be. External attractiveness along with the relief of the body becomes only a pleasant addition to the image that they drew in their head.

Now the main thing when choosing a man of her dreams is personal qualities of particular man, which should necessarily correspond to the ideas of the ideal husband. At this age Hungarian girls like not only man’s charm.

So, what do Hungarian women value in men above all?

Decency and honesty

Honesty is above all when it is going about Hungarian woman who is choosing a man for serious relations. Hungarian woman is looking at first for a man who will not betray and deceive. Support of a strong man’s shoulder in a difficult situation or just realization of the fact that you have support all the time is very important for woman. Sometimes honesty might be unpleasant, for example, when man says that woman needs to have a diet because she has some extra kilos or when he truly expresses his opinion about her new dress that does not suits her. Such explicit opinion, of course, will hurt every woman, but finally she understands that such a man will be honest with her all the time. Relations without lies are ideal which every woman dreams about. Honesty means stability and therefore you live stable, sincere life and get a real joy of every moment you spend together.

The real defender

Woman needs not only protection and support, but also she needs stable defender. This was long times ago and it is so nowadays as well. Hungarian women like to live secure life and that is why they are looking for a man who is not coward, who will not run away from problems or danger, but who will fight with difficulties and enemies, if it is needed. When we imply a strong man able to help and protect, we tell not only about physical strength, but also about strong spirit and ability to ignore personal comfort for the sake of his woman if it is needed.

Motion, movement, action

Hungarian women love when men do not stop on the results achieved and move on keeping improving himself, improving his business, improving in his hobbies, improving in whatever, but there should be non stop action, activity as this means life. You might have heard that women most often choose not rich, but initiative man, who is moving up to his goal. Movement, development and action mean very much for Hungarian woman. Man without initiative, without long term goals and short term goals, who is sitting on the couch sipping beer and watching TV is very sad picture to observe and every woman understands that she will not create successful family with him and Hungarian women are not an exception. Fat lazy man without interests and life goals is the type from which Hungarian women run away very far.

Belief in strengths of his woman

For every Hungarian girl it is important when her man believes in her strength and supports in any endeavors. Support means belief in abilities and power of your woman. When she is starting something new, when she is going to start her little selling business or when she decided to change something in her wardrobe. When man says he supports his woman she has more powers and inspiration to act and to work on herself reaching personal goals and vice verse – when man says she has imagined something stupid, this is not going to work, this is silly and stuff like that, than Hungarian woman would be upset, would lose her positive mood and energy to move on and finally someday she would be enough of that and would live such “dream destroyer”. Even when it is going about some minor things, you should remember that your woman needs support and even your simple good word could give her wings.


Hungarian women know that man who is kind will never make her feel pain or is not going to offend. We live in quite aggressive times and there are full of aggressive, negative, angry people everywhere – in the streets, at work, in the stores and even in the house near you. In such a harsh reality every woman is looking for a quiet place where she could feel support, tenderness and where she is comfortable with everything; such a place could be house, home, with kind and supportive man. If vice verse, man is aggressive, he is able to make a home tyranny and such a place like home would become unbearable for Hungarian woman and she would rather omit house or leave the man.

Sense of humor

It is well known that women like men with sense humor, but not much know that for big quantity of women man’s sense of humor is the most important quality at the very beginning of the relations and Hungarian women are not an exception. Sense of humor is important not only at the very beginning of relations, but also during the whole life of relations. If your life is going easy and light then it is wonderful and sense of humor is the most important feeling which makes life looking like fun. At the same time it is very important to keep the line between jokes, fun, humor and being non-stop funny as in this case girl might think you are a little crazy or just a weirdo. It is important to keep the balance between jokes and being serious when it is needed and life with Hungarian woman will be full bright in colors and positive emotions.

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