How to choose the wedding rings right

Maybe it was at the time of our parents when the choice was reduced to only two variants: thick or thin. Nowadays choosing a wedding ring is even more difficult than choosing a wedding dress. After all, the wedding dress performs its function for only one day unlike the ring which you are going to wear for the rest of your life. It is not easy to choose the right ring, but we will help you to do this as usual – by giving useful tips.

Going to the wedding rings store

The choice of wedding rings can take the whole day, but let this kind of duration not frighten you. No matter how strange it sounds, but actually, you do not need to do anything special. You must have heard that the shoes must be selected at the end of the day when the foot gets a typical shape. The same thing with wedding rings, in order to maximally accurately choose the proper size you need to choose the optimal time for this. Avoid low temperatures! If the purchase of the wedding ring was carried out during the cold season, please make sure that the fingers are not cold. At low temperatures the fingers become narrower and if you are frozen on the way to the store, wait a little and postpone the fitting time until you warm up enough.

Check the ring size

If the ring you liked seem does not fit the size, ask the seller to measure it anyways. Very often the labels on the tag do not correspond to the real size of the ring, so it’s best to check it personally. If you have found a beautiful wedding ring, but it seemed too thin to you, you still have to take into account that choosing wider ring its size will differ from the one that is now on your finger. After all, the wedding ring will be placed higher in the phalange, where the finger thickens, so you will need a bigger dimension.

The most convenient form of the ring

Jewelers recommend choosing a wedding ring with a shape that carries the name “comfort fit”. It differs from the usual in that the internal profile of the ring is not even, but curved. This convex form prevents the rubbing of the finger even with significant swelling. And a nice bonus – if in the future wedding ring will turn too small, you will not need to stretch it and the problem of size will be solved by polishing the inner rim. Read also: The scientists found out that shopping… excites

Width of the wedding ring

Of course, it’s your choice, because wide ring will not fit the bride with thin fingers. But jewelers advise when choosing between a thin and wide ring it is better to lean towards a thicker one. The more s width of the ring, the less the ring will be subject to deformation. Also, if necessary, change the size, in the case of a wide ring; you can not be afraid that the ring will deteriorate.

But there are also recommendations for determining the ideal width of the ring, connected with the length and thickness of the finger. If you have thin long fingers, it is better to choose a ring with a thickness in the range 2.5-3.5 mm or 8-10 mm. For long, thick fingers, the yellowing thickness of the ring should be 7-8 mm. Short thick fingers provide a ring with a width of 2.5-3.5 mm. If you have fingers of a middle-length, choose the width of the ring at 4.5-6 mm.

Bear in mind that these recommendations are only a direction of search. However, you can safely discard them and choose a wedding ring by your heart but not with a ruler in your hands. The most important is that after many years you looked at this ring not as at new inscription, but as at a symbol of your family happiness.

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