How to check whether you are ready for marriage with Moldovan woman or not

Such question when man asks if he is ready for marriage with exactly Moldovan woman is a little weird, to tell the truth. There is no difference between marriage with Moldovan woman or marriage with American woman. Maybe the ceremony differs a little and some common traditions for different nations are also a little different, but marriage is marriage everywhere. Marriage is serious step in life of every man and when man is going to get married this shows he is ready to take responsibility for himself because marriage means common living, common budget, future kids, different problems both spouses have to share and solve. If man is asking is he ready to marry Moldovan girl or no in most cases it means he is not ready to marry yet and nationality of the woman does not matter.

It is not that you are going to marry some princess and there is some special procedure to make a proposal: to choose allowed time; to possess special qualities etc; to wait for approval from the king and the queen. You are going to marry average descent woman and as soon as you feel your relationships are moving towards marriage the time when you want to make a proposal is the high time to do it and there are no compromises. You do not have to think about making Moldovan girl a proposal for too long as she might think you do not have serious intentions towards her. But at the same time you can not do everything very quick. There should be a balance, but if you do not keep it because your intuition tells you so – this is the right decision to do!

Now let us look at the question when is the high time to make a proposal to Moldovan girl more precisely and maybe get some tips or at least hints. When you just start dating it is good time to evaluate your common relations. If you start living together you will see whether you fit each other as well because using washroom in the morning when both of you are in hurry may become also a problem. When you see pretty well dressed girl in make up who smells good perfumes in the café and when the same girl lives with you and you have to share a room and then you realize her feet also smell when she just came back home from work – this is completely different thing than romantic period. Are you ready for such type of things? Great! The next step is pleasure from common living and how you both cope with daily routine – if you overcame this difficulty you are ready to make next step and very often this step could be marriage. Of course, every case is different, but you have to feel when it is right to make your Moldovan girl a proposal.

If you make your Moldovan girl proposal too quick, for example, after one week of your common communication this might work, as she would have a shock that foreign guy made her proposal and would agree in most cases. But you don’t know this girl yet good enough and what if in a month you would demand divorce? So it is better make a proposal when you are not on emotions but on the wise mind. Or think that girl is scammer and she would disappear after marriage with your material things – everything is possible although do not be afraid as this is only an example. Meta message is do not be in hurry with marriage even if Moldovan girl is agree.

But as you know medal has both sides and waiting for too long with marriage proposal would make Moldovan girl think you are not serious enough about her, you have bad intentions and only want to use her and stuff. This is in case if you live, for example, for 3 years together in common house or flat. You also have to understand that Moldovan women have different than Western women point of view on life and marriage as part of this life. For average Moldovan woman marriage is necessary important step in life. Moldovan women do not live for pleasure or just enjoying their partner. All this in the future leads to marriage and creation of the family. As Moldovan women are feminine and family oriented having traditional view on life marriage is considered necessary procedure every man with serious intentions has to consider as well when having serious intentions towards Moldovan woman.

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