How to behave on the first date with Latvian girl

First date with Latvian girl is always very important thing, even if at first it might not seem so. If you are not sure how to behave on the first date with Latvian girl, here you will find some useful tips.

First of all you don’t have trying to look better than you are. If you have some pluses, advantages, real achievements you have gained in your life already – don’t tell everything at once, keep some secrets and keep the intrigue as all the trumps you have you can open in front of her later. In any case, all positive achievements you already have would not disappear anywhere.

Never ever on the first date with girl from Latvia boast about anything. Girls don’t like bouncers in general as they prefer to see what man is worth on his achievements, but not on his words. Never boast even if you have reasons to. Within some time you could do that, but NOT on the first date!

Don’t act like a macho, because it looks miserable and such man is pretty disgusting in eyes of almost every Latvian girl.

On the first date in Latvia you have to balance and act in such a way that this dating time was fun, but not boring in any case. The first date is the high time to interest the girl.

If you have found pretty Latvian girl and she is ready to go for a date with you it means that she likes you. You have to read between the lines. If Latvian girl is ready to go for the first date with you it means she has liked you for some reason. Somehow you pointed yourself out of the crowd. You have to be more confident and act, as it is your real chance. She gives you a chance by her agreement to have a date. If she gives you this chance she treats you as the man, but not as a friend. Remember that Latvian girl goes for a date with the guy she liked. The first date is the time when she is going to evaluate you. She will look at you more precisely and because of that you have to think over how is better to behave to leave good impression after yourself.

How to understand a signals Latvian girl is giving you on the first date?

She really likes you and she is a little ashamed to demonstrate it openly. She looks at you attentively; she listens to you attentively; you see that she likes you; she laughs at your jokes as this is the signal by which she demonstrates her sympathy.

If Latvian girl is trying to be herself this is a great signal for you as she feels comfortable and relaxed with you. If along with this she is flirting and mysteriously laughing this is great “cocktail” as this is the main “weapon” Latvian women use.

What Latvian girls do on the first date?

Her main aim is to gather as much information about you as she can. She wants to find out what person you are, what interests you have, what you do for a life, what hobbies you have, how your life looks like. On the first date Latvian girl makes her average impression about you. She asks you basic questions and the picture of yours becomes vivid for her. Very important that after the first date Latvian girl already knows who you could be for her: a friend, a lover or future boyfriend.

How to behave yourself on the first date with Latvian girl?

You have to be in your best attire. You have to look great. You have to be neat, clean with nice odor. Shave, unless you have different style. Your clothes has to be clean; you need to have nice haircut; cut your nails if you have long. You have to be self-confident. Show her that you are real man, control the situation and rule the parade. DO not be nervous. Your sureness will make her feel more comfortable. On the first date with Latvian girl speak confidently, loudly, smile sincerely. Look in her eyes, don’t hide your eyes, and don’t turn your sight. Sit confidently and in comfortable for you position. She must notice that you are comfortable; all your body signs have to send out confidence and masculinity.

On the first date with Latvian girl get her trust by convincing her that you are reliable, honest, and she can rely on you any time. Gather information about her the same as she gathers information about you; draw an average impression about her in your mind. You have to omit main mistakes like being boring and predictable, being nervous and never ever try to impress her with what is unreal for you. Don’t initiate to kiss her right on the first date, there will be time for this too, but not now. Of course, don’t touch her in rude way. Your main aim is NOT to get her bored with you and that is why you have to be inventive, interesting and even a little unpredictable. The main thing is to remember that all what will be left after the first date with Latvian girl is only her emotions and the rest of things like time of your date, places you visit during the date and other stuff is not important. Latvian girl would remember emotions (and they have to be positive and pleasant), picture of you in general and your attitude towards her. If you do everything right, the second date with Latvian girl would not be waited for long.

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