How to become adorable man in eyes of Chilean girl – 8 tips that really work!

Chilean girls are first of all girls and general rules of man’s behavior towards women work here as well as with any other girl from any other country. Though, there are some peculiar things you got to know particularly about Chilean girls.


  1. Do not treat Chilean girl according to common stereotypes about women from Latin American countries. Chile is much more developed than most countries of the region. In fact, it stands on the level which could be compared to the country of European Union like Poland or Czech Republic. Though, I might be a little mistaken still Chile is well developed country with pretty high average income and this makes impact on women’s behavior as well. Chilean women are pretty independent and emancipated.


  1. Do not make yourself exaggerated hopes and expectations towards Chilean woman. Let her be herself and accept her the way she is and the way she behaves with you. Thereof do not hope her to be too feminine, family oriented, obedient housewife and stuff like that – Chile is different and it is not Peru, Bolivia or Paraguay. If to compare with other Latin American countries than it is more like Argentina or more close to Brazil, but still Chile is unique.


  1. To make Chilean woman like you make her smile. If you have good sense of humor it definitely will be your great plus but only under condition you speak Spanish well or she speaks English well and also if you know Chilean mentality well enough to use proper jokes and do not offend anyone even by mistake.


  1. Do not demand anything from your Chilean girl unless it is reasonable demand. Otherwise this would lead to endless line of quarrels and there is no woman on this planet who will stand it forever. Rephrasing it in other words – you will lose her.


  1. Make your Chilean girlfriend pleasant surprises. It might be small present, morning coffee brought to her bed, feet massage at the end of the day or just text message during working day with the words of love. Important to keep the balance in it as if to make too much of surprises you will be tired, your girl would take it for granted, it would not be surprise anymore or she will ask you where is her flowers, morning coffee or massage in case you suddenly stop doing these things after she gets used to this.


  1. Very important is to be good in bed and surprise your girl. You have to do your best and in 80% you have to make her satisfied and forget about your own pleasure. Be inventive, try something new, discuss it with your girl. Satisfaction in bed is extremely important if you want serious relations with Chilean girl.


  1. Take your girl from Chile to trips and visit with her different countries. This would make routine life not that boring, she would know that it is so interesting with you, she would just like spending common time with you.


  1. Be reliable. Chilean girls like men whom they can trust. If you can solve the problem – solve it, if you do not have time – inform about this. Although Chilean girls are emancipated to some extent they love to be near strong man’s shoulder. In your deeds be consequent and always move to your goals – both at work and in everyday life and you will be the most desirable man for Chilean woman.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I’ve read your text about chilean women twice, but must say that very most of the things you mention don’t differ from what is true for women in general, i.e. things that women of most nationalities in the world have in common. I’d have expected to read sprecific and therefore more useful info here. For example, what is the common chilean woman’s attitude about learning (e.g. how well does she learn from her own or other people’s mistakes, how aware is she about the usefulness of knowledge and experience?), does she care about health (actively through sports and not smoking, passivelly through medication or not much at all?), how much does she believe in her own capabilities to make her life better (i.e. is she aware of and trusts into her abilities or does she prefer to hope for things to enhance spontaneously or through other peoples aid?), how independent is she (i.e. when travelling, does she feel fine or unsafe for not being near her family?), how much cultural interest/adaptiveness does she have (e.g. is she open for foreign food, music, languages), how important is it for her to plan things (e.g. is it common that chilean women decide to have a child without previously having talked about it with her partner), what is her posture regarding sincerity (i.e. does she generally prefer to make & hear lies while considering sincerity as rude), does she make and communicate decisions properly or prefers to avoid them, does she stick to decisions she makes (or agrees upon), etc. ? It would be nice from you to consider such (or similar) information in your descriptios, as they are relevant but usually difficult to ascertain.
    Thanks and my very best regards

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