How to be secured from scammers when looking for Moldovan wife on the Internet

Today the Internet has entered almost all spheres of our life. We do shopping with it around the world, we work, learn news, train our children and make new friends. And thanks to the Internet, more and more people are finding their second half. Now it is not customary to get acquainted with a girl just on the street. Such acquaintances are extremely rare these days. More and more people are getting to know on the Internet. It’s true that there is a certain danger in such Internet acquaintances. Of course, many real people register on dating sites and are really looking for their life partner. But there are people who are registered on dating sites and in various social networks but their purpose is not need love and relationships, they are only looking for their own benefit.

Moldovan girls are very beautiful and they have an interesting and charming temper. Many men want to get acquainted with a girl from Moldova. Of course, you can come to Chisinau, go for a walk through its lovely streets, go to a restaurant and find a girl for communication. But we confess honestly that not everyone has a free opportunity to travel at any time and to any city, and we want to communicate with the Moldovan girl right now. For this, there is the Internet with its many social networks and dating sites. Here you can find a girl which you will like and have the same interests. But the question is how to understand that you really got to know a real Moldovan woman, not a robot or fake who also have a place in the Internet space. Below I will give several practical recommendations on how to be secured from scammers when you are looking for Moldovan wife on the Internet.

First of all, carefully study her questionnaire. If the Moldovan girl is real, she will necessarily indicate all the important information about herself. It makes no sense to hide information about other people, about the place where she was born, studied and so on. Fakes do not give names, as well as schools, universities, as it helps to find people in social networks or on dating sites, respectively. Next, see the photos that the girl has posted in her profile. Try to carefully consider items belonging to other cultures and countries.

Usually fakes carry photos of people from other countries. Often the quality of the photo indicates whether it was made by professional photographer or not. If a real girl is in front of you, then she will periodically add new pictures on which she is depicted. Another important point – pay attention to the number of friends from your Moldovan girl. Moldovans are very friendly and therefore if the girl in the profile has very few friends, then she is most likely a fake. Try to find the comments that your girl left on the pages of other people. So you can feel her character and worldview better.

Moldovan girls are very sincere and at the same time quite self-confident and ambitious. If you met on the Internet with a real Moldovan woman, she will certainly ask you many questions, unless of course she will really be interested in you. Moldovan women dream of a family and a loving husband. They need a real and strong family. Therefore, if you feel that you are dealing with a frivolous girl who is absolutely not interested in the family, then most likely this is not a real Moldovan woman.

Invite her to meet in a neutral territory, or even offer her a joint trip somewhere together. If the girl is very modest, then say that you can come to her yourself. Then she will understand the seriousness of your intentions and if she is also serious, then she must agree with your proposal. If there is a fake in front of you, then she will refuse to meet you real. She will start to find thousands reasons: she сan not leave her work right now, or her parents are in the hospital and she take care of them all the time, or she may tell you that she will come to you in the future by herself but not now. This girl is probably fake.

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