How to ask Bulgarian woman for the phone number

For the guy who is not confident in himself, who has weak power of will this would be unreachable destination. Ask for phone number from the girl! Wow! But she is pretty! She is looking at me! If she has a boyfriend? Such questions are very common for young guys who have no experience in communication with women. If you have had some experience, you would know that there is no difference what nationality the girl is to ask her number – in exception with some very closed communities with special traditions and stuff. So, as you see, it is not problem she is Bulgarian, it is the problem you are afraid and so it means you are non confident and girls avoid non confident guys few miles away. Improve your confidence and then try to ask for the phone number. Here we are not going to teach you how to improve your confidence, because there is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet and you can find it here in Google, instead we are going to give some hints on asking the phone number. But remember, that without self confidence your any tries would fail. And plus of self confidence that it makes you getting out with the girl and being with the girl makes your confidence rise and this goes and goes in circles, but now we are going to talk about different things.

There is technique, which works great and it is based on making girl feel confused and right at this moment you ask her phone number. This is technique which uses a friend of mine and it looks like this. He comes to the girl and looking into her eyes says something like

  • You’ve got nice eyes, are they green?

It is important to name different color of eyes, but not vividly contrast e.g. blue if they are green or blue if they are grey, but not ask whether they are blue if they are vividly brown.

Then he says what his name is and directly says he likes the girl and asks her for the phone number. BUT in our modern world phone number is a little oldschool thing, so it is better to use Instagram or Messenger as my friend sometimes does – he just asks the girl to write her nickname in the search field and then she is shocked a little, surprised and confused and also is interested in such charismatic, brave and open guy. Such overconfidence usually works great in the particular situation described above. He also tells that he liked the girl and he asks for Instagram or messenger to write her in the evening to ask her show him the place or just to have a common walk or coffee or cocktail – whatever.

One more hint the other guy does is also very interesting. It works not with every girl, but many are smiling and give him phone numbers or messenger contacts. He comes to the girl and after short conversation he evaluates whether the girl is ready to continue conversation with him. If yes, he picks up something from the ground near, but it should be metal, wooden or plastic thing. For, example, a cola bottle cap or a metal round part from the broken lighter. THIS SHOULD NOT BE GARBAGE! : – ) Though… it is also a garbage, but not that vivid one and somehow… clean, whatever. So, he takes this cola cap or part of broken lighter and tells the girl this is a present for her, and gives her this ‘present’. Girls react differently – laugh, smile, eagerly take the present and say ‘thank you’, some refuse to take it, but if he insists they take, some start to walk away or tell their boyfriend would not understand, but in most cases reaction is very positive and fun. And after he asks for number or messenger which in 70%-80% he gets. As you see, this works.

If you really liked some Bulgarian girl, one of the best options come closer to her and tell her you really like her, she is beautiful and ask her for the phone number, because you would like her to show you the town. Such strict act usually works very positively, unless the girl is afraid of you, is very shy or has a boyfriend. Bulgarian girls like brave, confident guys, they also like guys who act in non trivial way and are able to be inventive – this promises this guy is not boring type and you have a chance for future date, for example.

In case with exactly Bulgarian girls, especially in big tourist cities you have to take into account that there are many foreign tourists here, most of them are here to have cheap rest, so they usually drink a lot and being brave enough after the next shot of vodka are asking local girls for phone number, a date or even for marriage. Of course, local Bulgarian girls do not take it seriously and got used to such behavior. To ask phone number you have to be sober, good looking and original, so she would get interested in you, but if you will remind her all the rest foreigners who are coming to visit Bulgarian resorts – you have not much chances for the phone number or date with local Bulgarian girl.

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