How Thais and Thai treat foreigners

Residents of different regions of Thailand differ in their attitude towards foreigners. For example, residents of the most famous resort town Pattaya have long been not as sincere and naive Asians as it was before. Only those of them who came from the provinces relatively recently retained their direct benevolent attitude to visitors. Previously Thailand was a resting place for wealthy people. Initially American military sailors were having rest in Pattaya. Trying to leave on shore to get everything from life and do not regret green papers with portraits of presidents. At the same time, the standard of living of the Thais was so low that tourists, overpaying several times the prices for local were surprised at how cheap they are at all.

And now the situation has changed in another direction. The distribution of cheap package tours attracts a lot of people who want to relax as cheaply as possible and who do not want to pay extra money. At the same time they have a minimum of funds to spend and trying to low the price everywhere it is possible. And the standard of living of the Thais has grown; now you can not live there for a penny. Making money on tourists has become more difficult and as a result the attitude towards tourists has changed for the worse.

How do Thai people treat foreigners in general? The attitude is a little condescending; the foreigners are called with the word “farang”. On the one hand, this is not quite a polite nickname, but something like “gringo” for Americans in Latin America. Farang, by default, is considered a person with wealth and plenty of money; farang is the one who can afford what most ordinary Thais can not. But if there is some conflict between local and foreigner, foreigner would be guilty. Read also: Is it worth to marry Thai woman

The people of Thailand from the provinces unspoiled by the flow of tourists treat foreigners with curiosity and goodwill. They are always ready to help unselfishly, they are interested in communicating and the name “Country of Smiles” has appeared not on a scratch but thanks to happy and smiling Thai people.

If you want to know the real Thailand and the real Thais, perhaps, finding modest and dedicated Thai bride, visit the non-tourist areas of the country, look at the life of its inhabitants, their culture and communicate with them. After such a trip, you can be sure that this nation will be remembered to you as pleasant, cheerful, positive, good-natured and hospitable people. Read also: Wedding in Thailand

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