How should I behave on the first date with girl from Moldova?

When you are on your way to have the first date with Moldovan girl, you must keep in mind our good and useful advices, because using them you will not only show your best, but at least would not look like a fool in front of Moldovan girl. You have to know, though Moldova is a country in Europe, some cultural differences between you and girl from Moldova can be crucial at the first date and dramatic end depends on you and your behavior as dating for the first time means responsibility to do your best and this date could have two possible endings: the second date or “you fail” and there will be no second date with this girls. For some of you it could be funny, but if a man fails dating first, as the result he can get low self-esteem, be unsure with other girls, lost his charm and even fall into depression. In order this never happened, we are giving tips in this article. You may memorize, learn or save them for the future.

First date means the first impression, and as it is known, it could not be made twice. So, here you have to be attentive and pay attention to the details. First of all, forget about all you know of western women, as women of Moldova are different. They pay attention to your appearance very much. You have to be dressed up in neat clothes, without holes and some weird things, but do not be too formal, otherwise Moldovan beauty will consider you boring nerd. Jeans and shirt are ok, but it also depends where you are willing to go to the first date. If it is a restaurant, than traditional suit is good to wear. If you are going to have romantic walk in the park, than dress up semi formal clothes. I will warn you that Moldovan girls have a good feeling of taste and are dressed up very stylish and be sure if it is a date, she would do her best, so I warn you to dress good as well, in order not to look like a bum in front of her. Even if you fell comfy in such clothes, she would think you are just wretched and there would be no second date.

The second thing to remember, Moldovan women like compliments and even if they are a little bit artificial or improper. If western woman could be offended and think you think she is weak or not as good as man, Moldovan girl would like if you tell her compliments and open door in front of her. To pay for dinner is a must for man if he is on the date with Moldovan woman, as it is so in Moldova. If you ask her to share the bill for the dinner that would be your last dinner with her for sure, as you will appear greedy in her eyes. Bring nice bouquet of flowers, it is not a must, but your chances to impress her would triple. Do not be silent, ask her questions to show you are interested in her, but don’t talk to much yourself as it is not like real man should behave in the opinion of Moldovan girl. Use the magic of your speech by proper sentences, compliments and questions. She has to be interested in you. But do not tell everything; leave some space for intrigue and for unknown. If you are rich, do not show that as nice girl will not appreciate that and would think you want to buy her. Money should be a source to make a date unforgettable, by going to expensive restaurant or jumping with a parachute, but do not show the money quantity. It wouldn’t work with normal Moldovan girl. If you want to underline your wealthy, come for the first date dressed up in fancy brand clothes, use expensive perfumes, but not too much, just slightly light odor is enough.

What should you talk about on the first date with Moldovan lady? Women like to hear about achievements of particular man, so tell her where you work or what you are doing for a life and try to be sure in what you are talking. Eastern European women do not like unconfident men, so you have to be sure in everything you are talking about. Moldovan girl would like to date and live with a strong man, who is able to protect her in case of need. To be strong means not only physical power and possess material goods and tough bank account. By the meaning of strong man Moldovan woman means focused man, who is able to reach the aim and who is struggling for that. Such focused men cause respect of Moldovan ladies. When you are talking about something you have to control is she interested in the topic of conversation. Never talk on the first date about sex, religion, ugly things and your minuses. For all that you will have time in the future in case of successful first date.

In Moldova it is common when man walks his lady home after the date. And even is she is in your home country, do that, as she got used to such attention from a man and that would seem not only normal, but a kind of subconscious rule to her. Don’t dream she would invite you for coffee as it is shown in the movies, but a first kiss is highly possible according to the situation. But kiss only and nothing more. If you don’t have her phone number and would like to repeat the date, ask her for the number. In the morning you will wake her up with pleasant text message and at the dinner time you will make first short call.

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