How Russian women choose foreign husband or what they want from foreign men

Marry a foreigner today want both: young girls and women who are independent and held. They are looking for overseas life partner on the Internet, as most people. To do this they just need to place an ad on a dating site. But how do not get confused with the choice? Whom it is better to pay attention to at first? And anyway, what foreign men think about Russian girls? One thing is for sure – all foreigners have little understanding of Russian humor, so it is better not to joke with them.

Site selection. The first thing to make for women who dream of marrying a foreigner is to find a suitable site. There is no lack of such sites, but that’s the rub, how to choose a husband. Ignorance of foreign languages might be a problem and some websites are purely in English and it is difficult for Russian housewife to make the right choice. For example, by mistake Russian woman can enter on the site of intimate services. There also are specialized sites for athletes, for single mothers, for believers etc. and such sites have not much visits per month and not so many people. On some websites registration with the passport data is required. Among men from abroad there are swindlers, and they could be of venerable age and on the most venerable sites.

Features of foreigners. If Russian women try to marry a foreigner to improve their financial situation, the foreigners want to find a beautiful woman. This is one of the features of Western man. In contrast to Russian men Western men do not need nanny, but a wife. One of the reasons is high secured income, which allows Westerner to go to restaurants not only on holidays. The second reason is special way of education that is very different from Russian education. Foreigners do not just know how to cook and clean, but they love to do it. With all the positive qualities, no one wants to find the lazy girl. But there are exceptions, men who are looking for dumb and submissive girls.

Who they are looking for? To marry to foreigners is not so simple for Russian woman. Today, Russian beauties are not as popular as 15-20 years ago. Many foreign men are frightened with loud scandalous divorces with Russian girls. Others were disappointed in the sincerity of feelings. What kind of Russian women prefer men from abroad? Many nationalities, many opinions. The French are attracted by mysterious Russian soul, the literature, and of these they constitute the idea of the Russian beauty and family values. But for all the aliens, who can be found on the dating websites there is one thing in common – they consider Russian women faithful.

Norse. Scandinavian men are very attractive in appearance. They are tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed. Danes, Swedes and Norwegians are the people of peace, in which the phenotype of brave warrior has still remained. Men love to talk about the meaning of life, sipping spirits. Generally, the Scandinavians like long feast with songs. After the party is over Dane or Swede would go to the kitchen to clean up after the guests. Scandinavian men are able to show deep tenderness and love towards his family and wife. For centuries they were brought up so that they have to protect the family.

Italians. In cinematography Italian men are presented as hot lovers, who want to give their love to woman. Foreign brides are is special honor in Italy. Ardent temperament and expressive nature do their work with Italians. But it is not the only their dignity. Italians are very amorous and sentimental. For them, the family is sacred. They did not miss any anniversary. That is plus and minus at the same time. Mom always participates in search of a bride no matter her son is young guy or adult male. If the choice fell on the Italian man, every Russian woman has to take it into consideration.

Eastern Male. Eastern men without exception consider themselves sheiks. They attract women by nice wooing, manners and ability to surprise in a pleasant way. Their stories on the one hand are very interesting about the rich relatives, about the mountains of gold, oil derricks. On the other hand are unrealistic and pretentious. Arabs are as temperament as impermanent. They are not able to support passion for a long time. Perhaps for this reason, men are looking for second and third wives. Minus is that Arab men consider their wives and children as their property. So after a divorce it would be difficult for European woman to win a court trial to bring her child back.

The Americans. American men are associated with democracy, but they have many hidden peculiarities of character, that is hard to notice at the first date, for example. One of such peculiar character features is self-doubt. Sometimes disturbing nature hides under external cheerfulness. They are worried, not because they achieved anything in life. It is just Americans want to get everything and they always see themselves as winners. Fear of anything in the world can prevent such a man to become a life companion for Russian woman. They fear that the secretary will accuse of sexual harassment and will sue him; they fear his wife will judge the children, etc. Anxiety is making American men cautious. Before marrying they would think hundred times, considering of all possible risks and advantages and disadvantages of marriage. Counting in advance taking pros and cons and managing risks is one more feature that is appreciated by Russian women in American men and becomes one more reason in a willing to create a family with American.

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