How real Korean beauties look like

Beauty standards are all different. What seems beautiful to one person could cause bewilderment or even laughter of other person. How Korean beauty look like? Today it’s not a secret that Korea is leading in the field of plastic surgery. And this industry is growing every year. What is most interesting surgeons offer different methods of preserving youth and creating beauty. Some adhere to a more sparing and natural style replacing the surgical facelift that was very popular in the 90’s and still common among the Hollywood celebrities by alternative methods of non-surgical braces. Such as a filament lifting or SMAS lifting. The XXI century of new technologies has not bypassed the beauty industry. Every month the aesthetic and plastic salons and clinics of Korea are replenished with new equipment that allows the client not only to obtain an excellent result but also to make the procedure pleasant and painless.

I would like to express my subjective observations about the Korean standards of beauty. Considering and watching Korean women one can say that the Koreans are so cute! But it seems to me that they are similar to each other. There is a grain of truth in these words.

So, let’s start with the forehead and “disassemble” the person in parts, if it is possible to say so. The forehead according to Korean standards of beauty should be rounded because then the face looks more harmonious and proportionate. This is more applicable to girls. Men do not attach much importance to this, unless they work in the show business or film industry. Korean guys often say that a guy should not be prettier than a girl. Correction of the forehead is done with fillers or with transplantation of own fat. If in the first case the effect is temporary and after 6-10 months the procedure must be repeated, than in the case with a transplantation of own fat the effect is for very long time.

Eyebrows of Korean women have a broader form and look very harmoniously. But behind the natural effect hides a lot of tricks such as tattooing, hair transplantation and other procedures to enhance the growth of eyebrows. Read also: Interesting facts about Korean women

Such an operation on the eye as blaperoplasty is popular and in Korea there are still a lot of interesting and unusual for Europeans or Americans trends. One of them is visual facial rejuvenation due to the elimination of the problem of “sunken eyelids”. Someone gets this problem with age; someone has it because of the face structure. In both cases a Korean surgeon would advise you to fill the groove with fillers or your own fat. It seems like the view, in fact, becomes younger.

Those Korean girls who are in the trend of the latest Korean standards of beauty already know how to do make-up to give the look more mischief and spontaneity. ehyo sel – these are bags under the eyes, which are made specially to make the look more youthful and smiling. Many people say they are trying to get rid of bags and the Koreans, on the contrary, do operations to build up a hernia under their eyes. This, of course, is not quite so. Ehyo sel really visually rejuvenates the face if done beautifully and professionally, which can not be said about bags under the eyes. Ehyo sel is created not only with the help of plastic surgery. There are many more “gadgets” and makeup techniques for creating it. By the way, this operation is popular among Korean guys as well.

Sangapuri or the formation of the upper fold on the upper eyelids as a rule is done by surgical intervention. In Korea this is not entirely considered an operation according to its simplicity. Girls aged 14-16 already prepare their parents to give them a gift for a good study. This operation is relevant for both – girls and guys who, in turn, ask that it was not so noticeable and looked as natural as possible.

The operation on the nose bridge which in Europe usually is made because of some kind of trauma like curvature or dislocation, in Korea is done for the sake of beauty. Those who are afraid of surgical intervention just enter the filler into the necessary area, which keep an average of six months – a year and then resolves. As for the tip of the nose there are different tastes – someone likes the thin tip of the nose and someone likes it to be slightly upturned.

Lips correction is also common in Korea. Lips are increase observing proportions and the upper lip should be smaller than the lower one. Not so often but lip surgery also takes place in Korea.

The concept of young face or child’s swelling is very popular in Korea. Exhausting diets for the preservation of the necessary forms inevitably affect the face. In turn, the standards of beauty oblige to seek help from plastic or aesthetic surgeons in order to fully comply with the standards of beauty. Chin, cheekbones and V-shaped face – all is important here.

If in Europe women visit solariums and in the summer all girls try to sunbathe and are torn on a beach, choosing bathing suits, Korean girls, on the contrary, are trying to protect their skin in every possible way. Pale white skin is considered a sign of aristocracy and beauty. That’s why among the wide variety of cosmetics and creams whitening line is very popular. By the way, we are talking not only about the face, but about the skin as a whole. Makeup for Korean girls is important, but no less attention and effort is given to care and maintenance of healthy skin.

On average, the growth of Korean women is 164-165 cm. Korean guys are quite high. The average height is 175-178 cm. Among young people it can often be found above 180 cm.

Recently, there is a tendency in Europe to learn more about Korean skin care products, makeup features, secrets of keeping the beautiful Korean skin. All this shows how much the world is changing, boundaries are blurred and a person has access to any information.

Korean men are very picky about the girls and it has its impact. Korean girls pay much more attention to their appearance, than European girls, for example. Skin moisturizes, make up masks, observing the sequence of applying cosmetics and so on. I will not repeat myself about the wonders of plastic surgery.

In general, every culture and society has its own criteria for assessing appearance. It is important in this cycle of imposing standards of beauty not to lose yourself and your personality. Read also: Korean family and modern Korean society

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