How not to make Ecuadorian woman lose interest in you?

It is sometimes happens that you are good looking guy, intelligent, have descent income, but when you start dating Ecuadorian girl she loses interest in you, she does not want to continue communication with you and it becomes real riddle for you why she does not pay attention to you and why she is not interested in you anymore. Let us think what could be the reasons why Ecuadorian women lose interest in men and how to omit such unpleasant mistakes.

There is one very important trait of some mans character which contends Ecuadorian woman to look at the man as like at spouse for life. This train is non-confidence. If man is not confident is himself this is what scares almost every woman. Women omit such type of men and would never build serious relations with him. What kind of non-confidence we are talking about? This is very wide trait, but if man is unconfident for life it is vivid in every aspect of his activity: he does not know what to do for life, he doesn’t know which profession to choose, he doesn’t know how to improve his material status, he doesn’t know how to impress his woman, he doesn’t know what to propose to do on the weekend with his woman, he doesn’t know what pants to wear today and so on. Which descent woman would tolerate such a man? Especially Ecuadorian woman, who got used to have strong support and reliance from her man.

The second trait of character which Ecuadorian women do not tolerate in men is greed. We are not talking about mercantile Ecuadorian girls who perceive foreign boyfriend for a walking wallet, but we are talking about descent feeling of generosity which every noble man should have. It is going about normal flow of life, when you are earning enough and live freely, buying needed in everyday stuff, not counting every cent. There is nothing worse than a man who counts how much gas or electricity was spent during his woman was taking a shower; or when you are buying groceries in the supermarket and wife wants to take tomatoes, but man says that cucumbers are enough because he has a tight budget. It is also works in two sides: if man is giving presents to his Ecuadorian girl and does in sincerely with love and demonstration of his feelings, Ecuadorian girl would notice and deeply appreciate that and will make presents and pleasant surprises on her own.

Selfish men quickly make Ecuadorian women to lose interest. No one likes when his partner is thinking only about himself. Ecuadorian women are good housewives, but they need help by the household and selfish man would sit on the couch or pretending he has some business to do, but would never help. Selfish man is not attentive to the problems of his woman, for example, if she has some problems with health he would tell she is just exaggerates and there is nothing serious. Selfish man is not attentive to the hints his woman gives to him or even ignores her direct asks. The main sense of life of selfish man is satisfaction of own needs and including using his girlfriend for that.

The last trait of mans character Ecuadorian women prefer to omit is possession. Ecuadorian women like when man is initiative and when he rules the parade in their relations, but it should be balanced including wishes and preferences of both. But when balance is ruined, women is obedient and man keeps pushing, becoming a tyrant… this is not what Ecuadorian woman would stand for long time.

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